Figuring out square footage?

bullieloveApril 16, 2013

I feel like I am making this harder then it is. My shower is about 58 inches wide, lets call it 5 feet, the shower will be tiled on all 3 sides, the height to ceiling is 7.5 feet. The two side walls are about 3 feet wide.

How do I determine square footage, from my calculations i have about 104 square feet.

Is this right or am I a total dummy when it comes to math?

Cheri Morgan

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No, it can be confusing. I sometimes end up multiplying the side by the two ends, instead of adding them all up.
5 X 8 = 40, 6 X 8 = 48. Total = 88

But, are you trying to figure out how much tile you need? I am doing a large format tile for a similar sized shower, and I needed to decide on the layout before I could determine how much tile I needed to order. Turns out, with my layout, using way more tile, lots of wastage, and allowing for 10% extra I need 124 sq ft

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Yes I am trying to calculate tile needed and implanted on using a large format tile as well it is 10x19.75 I will have to ask the tile installer. Thank you

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Square footage of what? The floor is 15 sq ft. The walls are 82.5 sq ft.

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How did you get 104 ft?

Your two side walls are 3' by 7.5', or 22-1/2sqft each, or 45sqft for the two.

Your rear wall (rounded up) is 5' by 7.5', or 37-1/2sqft.

Add the three together and as has been mentioned, you have 82-1/2sqft.

To nitpick by using the 58" dimension, your rear wall is actually 36-1/4 sqft. So your real total is 81-1/4 sqft.

You can do this with minimal waste due to the size of your tile and the dimensions of your shower.

For simplicity's sake, let's assume you want a horizontal stacked pattern.

Your side walls are 36" long by 90" tall. With your 19.75" by 10" tiles being set horizontally, your side walls will be two tiles wide by 9 tiles tall, for a total of 18 tiles per side wall.

Your back wall is 58" wide by 90" tall. Roughly 3 tiles wide by 9 tiles tall.

18 + 18 + 27 = 63 tiles, or 86.4 square feet of tile to cover a little over 80 sqft of wall. Not bad.

When done, you'll have about 5 sqft, or roughly 4 tiles worth of offcuts. A little over 6% of waste. If you go with a running bond, use your offcuts to wrap through the corners and you can be just as efficient.

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