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justjustinJune 18, 2008

My husband and I just moved in to a new Luxury Condo and are pondering about having it cleaned. It's 2662 square feet, 3 bedroom + a den, and 2 1/2 baths.

Our quandry is this. The Condo is part of a sort of resort that offers a sundry of services to it's residents. One of them is maid service. I have ALWAYS wanted to have someone come in everyday and work some magic so our house looks perfect all the time and I *think* this might be chance.

For $22.12 an hour you get two maids. You supply the equipment and supplies. All you have to do is punch in that you want maid service on this little touch screen thing-a-ma-gigger that's in you house and tell it what you want them to clean and what time to show up and viola! They arrive!

Yesterday I had them come in, dust everything, clean the windows and door leading to the terrace, wipe down the kitchen (cabinets and counters), clean the appliances, change the bed linens, do full bathroom cleaning and sweep/mop/vacuum. All this costed $90.54.

Today I had them come in and do what I'd like to have them do everyday. Make the beds, wipe down the kitchen counters/bathroom counters, straighten up and run my Rainbow vacuum cleaner on the hard surface floors and carpet. Grand total: $20.12. I also have to say they do GOOD work. Finally I do tip them, $7.50 each per day.

If it were *you* and money were no object, would you go this route or would you look for a service like Merry Maids to come in and do the once a week thing?

I'm really leaning towards the daily maid service as this is what I've always dreamed of!



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What's to decide? You are happy with them and can afford it so just go with it. I wish I were in your shoes. I'm happy for you not jealous. Well maybe just a little. LOL.

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Wish I had the opportunity to have siomeone "make a little magic" but I cannot afford it just now. My SIL, who is much more affluent, has as housekeeper come in once a week to do the ugly jobs doesn't like to go herself, like clean the oven, scrub the tub, wash the kitchen floor,, etc. She says she loves to come home and find the place sparkling and smelling good. I am so jealous !

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We decided today to go with the daily service. We're figuring $250 a week plus tips with the daily service. Just to compare, I called Merry Maids today and got an estimate. For them to do everything I wanted done just ONCE a week it would cost $155. For less than a hundred dollars more I get the service I've always dreamed of and my place will sparkle every day.

Thanks everyone!


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