DF's Vintage Easter Cards

phonegirlApril 12, 2011

One of my DF's shared these cards with me for my Easter table. I hope you enjoy seeing these as much as I have. They are all from the early 1900's and have 1 cent stamps on them. Hope you will be able to read the cute sayings on them.

I think they would be neat framed or on a wreath but sure don't want to damage them. I wanted to get some of the fly specks washed off but wasn't sure how easy it would come off. I'll work on them later.

This is my sewing machine decor. Check out the little bunny candle holders I found in DM's stuff. Smiled when I brought out DM's and DGD's gloves.

I'll share my Easter table in another post. Punk

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I really like the way you displayed the old cards in the egg holders. Vintage cards are so neat, I spend a lot of time looking at them on the web in fact. And of course saving a lot to my files. My over-loaded photo files, LOL.
You are lucky to have the real thing tho!

And great finds of your DM's on the candleholders and gloves. Your sewing table looks very sweet.

hugs, Karen

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Those are very sweet cards.

If you look at the 3rd picture from the bottom, it is exactly like my "Not an Ugly Duckling" posting of my retro tin sign, except my sign says Easter Blessings instead of Easter Greetings!!

Your sewing machine vignette is also very cute.


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Oh, I love all your DF's cards...they look great on your cute potted eggholders! I have a book w/several diff ones but this postcard I bought at a flea market...thought it was so cool cause it's embossed...I have sitting on my kitchen counter on an easel:

TFS, punk! Love old vintage pics & cards! Jeanne S.

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Love vintage cards. I have a nice collection of them purchased when they seemed to be readily available in antique stores for 50 cents to a dollar a piece. I protect them from the wear and tear of handling in the sleeves made for first day covers - which I lucked into accompanying a friend to a stamp show.

The fly specks and discolorations are called "foxing" and can be treated by an experienced paper conservator because it's in and not just on the surface. Avoid even light rubbing with a dry or slightly damp cloth. Post cards are ephemerals and react to heat, light, and humidity over time.

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wonderful cards, Punk. They look just right on your table. The display on your sewing machine table is so cute. Mr Bunny is very happy to be part of the arrangement.

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Punk, your Easter cards are wonderful! - Marylee

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These cards are so sweet Punk..and what a generous friend.
I like how you used them with the eggs on your Easter table.
I love thinking of them and the original memories attached to them.
Your sewing machine Vignette looks sweet too with your DM's gloves and candleholders.


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Marlene Kindred

Great vintage cards! Love the Victorian designs, etc. and your egg card holders are really cute too! Great decorations on your sewing machine too...I used to wear those white gloves on Easter myself when I was young! TFS~

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Too bad we don't have cards that are so beautiful today. I'm like Karen, I have a collection of these in my computer! Love to have some real ones.

The bunny with the hat box is just too cute!

- Magpie

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How neat that joining this forum has you pulling out saved items that had belonged to your DM. Those candle holders are so cute, and I love the baskets on your sewing machine, they are both so cute. Neat way to display the vintage cards, so neat that those have been saved. Very nice. Luvs

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Karen, I've never saved any Vintage cards on my computer because I don't have a color copier at home. I ended up trading printers with one from the office. We've quit using color there also. However DD has a color one at home so I could always have her print for me! Thanks

I brought out the gloves last year after seeing Jane's and kept them with my Easter basket. I'm trying to be more organized and with all the ideas here it's helping.

Candy, I thought of your sign when I seen that card too. Forgot to mention it so glad you brought it up.

Jeanne, love your embossed Easter Bunny card. It's great that you put it out to share with your decorations.

Duluthinbloom, thanks for all the info. Hope you will share pictures of some of your cards with us. Sounds like you knew when to pick them up and protect them.

Nana, glad you enjoyed the cards and display on the sewing machine cab.

Marylee, so happy to have you here with us and all your sweet comments.

Jane, thanks for the comments and the idea to share the gloves for Easter decor.

Marlene, I use to always wear gloves to church but guess none of them survived my growing up.LOL However, DSis may have ended up with them as she's always been the antique collector in the family.

Magpie, that one is my favorite also. Hope you will find some real ones one day.

Luvs, you are the one who insisted I come here and I'm so thankful you did.(Well most days)LOL Because of you I now cherish all the precious treasures from DM. Thanks again for being the 'Enabler' who turned on the light for me!

Thanks for all the comments and I'll be sharing more in the future.


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