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kathleen_liApril 2, 2011

I found a few bargains and I did a post on them. All table related.

I thought some of you might be interested. :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Bargains

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Kathleen, you always find good deals but these were fantastic prices. I'm so happy for you and your fun shopping day. I love everything you bought. The red dishes and new candles are dynamite together. I bet you are kicking yourself for not getting the blue ones.

Your gold napkins look great with your Christmas dinnerware. Love your new black with wht polka dot dishes. The JB are very pretty too. What a fun day for you.


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Wow, Katherine, you did find some great bargains...I really like those Dahlia plates & red candleholders. Some TS's are high around here also. Altho there is a fav I like to hit once in awhile about an hr away cause almost all their glassware (vases, stemware, etc) are 75 cts. We stopped there the other day ont he way home from my aunt's funeral & I got 2 wonderful flower vases for that price!

So, I'll still envy your TREE stores but, by golly, my DH will be stopping at one for me when we vacation out of state! LOL! TFS your bargains! Always enjoy pics! Jeanne S.

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Purplemoon really hit the jackpot! And I loved reading your narrative on the super sale items. LOL. Hope the bruises are a pretty purple. ;o)

I'm glad you had such good luck at Savers! The ones here never have much, except loads of clothes but I'm looking for "stuff" as you know.

Those red roses are sure pretty.
hugs, Karen

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Great buys! Isn't that just such fun? The closest CTS to me is Alabama and I am in Kansas. Road trip! We are just now getting a Trader Joe's. Us hicks have money, too, ya know!


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Pat, there aren't any Christmas Tree Shops in Alabama. Ohio, Illinois would be closer!...You can check their website to see where they are. You may be going near one when you go on vacation or visiting. I used to go to Mass. and RI to visit friends, and always found one to shop!
And you don't need a lot of money to shop there, not fancy prices, that's for sure!

Karen, Jeanne and Punk, thanks so much for looking. I always have fun shopping, esp when I have a coupon!

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Marlene Kindred founds some great stuff! TFS!

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Great Bargains!!!
Have I mentioned before that I REALLY wish we CTS in CO?

I find lots of bargains at the thrift stores, but never as cheap as 7c!!

The Savers I have gone to are way overpriced and I have never found any great items at any of them. Certainly never anything like your fabulous Polka Dot dishes!
I did find the 5 Spode Christmas goblets at GoodWill, but then couldn't find any matching ones, even in the regular stores! : (

Sorry about the bruises, pain, no gain, LOL


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Not Illinois, Indiana. Knew it was an I.
Candy, I was kidding about the bruises. Crowds, but no pushing, even here in NY!

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It's really unfair, whine, whine. I'm a sucker for punishment so I opened your post so I could drool. I love it all, the black and white dots are just the absolute best. This is me being happy for you, really truly.

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You really have the knack for hitting the stores on just the right days! Seven stinking cents! That is unbelieveable! And it was neat stuff too, you are so lucky, maybe you should go buy a lottery ticket! LOL

I really like the black dishes with the polka dots, that was a really good find too. I'm sure not seeing any pretty dishes in the TS around here now, and they have all increased their prices too.

Bet you were thrilled with the beaded napkin rings, and they go great with your dishes.

Your account of your adventures was so fun to read, glad you shared pics of your treasures with us.


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Kathleen you always find the best bargains.
My DD went to CTS yesterday, it was so crowded there she left without buying anything.

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Kathleen.. My Kind of Shopping Girl!!
Wooohooo on all your great bargains...7 Stinkin Cents is I think the lowest price, other than 'free', you can get...

Love those Johnson plates and the Spode B&W..we don't have a Savers by us. Sounds like you gals get some great buys there. I can just imagine what you'll do with the red votives and red plates.
Your shopping spree reminded me of the days when my Mom & I would shop at Kleins & Alexanders in NY. They would announce over the PA system that at a particular spot in the store, they were filling a table with some amazing bargain. The women (us included) would rush over and practically knock over the guy who was putting the stuff out. Then there would be the fights over who got it first!
I remember Carol Burnett doing a skit on it and my Mom & I laughed so hard because it was true.
I can see how a nice cup of chili would help 'heal the wounds' after a 'hard day of shopping'!!

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