Inside Easter Cabinets and Outside Easter Decorations

phonegirlApril 6, 2014

More decor inside and out.

There is probably between 60-70 eggs on the sand cherry bush. Sure doesn't look like that many
in the picture does it? Guess we better make some more for next year. After Easter I will take the
eggs off and shape it.

The other buffet got some decorations too! Metal bunny baskets are always fun to bring out.

Close up to show the bunnies and candles. Those are the longest
bunny ears on the candles but kinda cute.

DF gave me this berry wreath a few years ago. Hung it with an egg in the center on DM's corner
hutch. On top is the Pfaltzgraff Bunny Cookie jar that matches her dishes. Also her basket of eggs
and my new tureen found a space up there. Opps, the Christmas
tureen is showing inside. I'll move it later! DM's Garden Angel skipped in for the celebration this year too.

My old china cabinet Welcomes guest with a sign and wreath. More Easter eggs and bunnies too.

You can see more of the bunnies, yarn eggs on plate stand and wagon up on top in this picture.

This is the wreath on the front door.

This wraps up the Easter photo shot from our house to yours. Punk

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Hi Punk....I haven't vanished...just been out of sorts lately.
I'm enjoying how you decorated inside and out.
I Don't remember if you ever showed any outside decos before...if so,
then chalk it up to my brain fog!
Great job on the outside with ALL those 60 + eggs! I hope it was mild
Out when you hung them. Buffet bunnies look real cute . So sweet that you use DM's's nice that your DGD sees that you do, they'll bring a special double meaning for her one day. Your hutch... all decked out with your Easter decos, gives it another special look and always beautiful.
I like both wreaths...did you make the one on your door? If so, how..?
Seems like a nice craft project.
Well know I always refer to you as the Energizer Bunny....and
Seeing all your cute Bunnies...I'm thinking your right among Good Friends !

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Jane is right ... Energizer Bunny, for sure ....that's you, punk! How in the world ...hanging 60 of those eggs on those branches ... yowsers...what a job! & it sure paid off!!! Looks wonderful!

Bunnies, bunnies, everywhere ... your collection is awesome! I always love seeing that cookie jar! Sweet! Love those big bunnies on the other buffet in the first pics. And the front door wreath is quite unique! Bling!

Well, you're ready, girl! & I've never seen 'outside' that is a treat. Hoppy Easter! ~~Jeanne S.

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Jane and Jeanne, well maybe I've never shared my outdoor
decor on here. I have several bunnies that I use to put out.
Will try to find them and put them where they will jump out at
me next year. We've had the eggs hung in the middle tree
out front but I had DH cut it down last year so I used the bush
this year.

Thanks so much for all the sweet comments. Not sure how
much I would do if I didn't share on here.


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Marlene Kindred

Wow, the bunnies have been multiplying at your house! LOVE the large ones on the buffet. Your cookie jar is adorable too. And many eggs outside too! Love it all!

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I'm pretty sure we haven't seen your outside Easter before. I LOVE the eggs all over that bush!! That's wonderful.
After seeing your many displays and decorations, I was thinking if Easter should go "missing", we can all come find it at your house. LOL. Or you could just open an Easter store and we SHOP till we DROP! LOL.

As always, everything is so delightful and makes me so happy looking at it. I have to continually go back to see things I miss the first time or two. :o)

Since a couple of our gang commented on your being The Energizer Bunny, a name so well deserved, I have to mentioned to them that is how Jason's signed your book he wrote. "to Punk, the Energizer Bunny". LOL

hugs, Karen

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Love It All Punk! I just love The Bunny's. They are so cute! You really out did yourself on the out side tree, a lot of work, but it is Beautiful!! Great Job!!!
What a Sweet Thing for Jason to do to sign you book, that way! What a Treasure! All of your Cabinets are great! Love Each and everyone!

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Punk you do the best job decorating! The egg bush is wonderful.
It makes my little tree look puny lol
Do you know how many bunnies you have?
Another one appeared at my house this year.
I love seeing everything you do.
It brightens my day!!

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Marlene the large bunnies on the buffet are a couple I picked
up while out ys. I didn't have many before coming to Holidays.
Now I don't pass them up!

Karen, I knew you had something to do with Jas signing my
book, "The Energizer Bunny". His book sits in our LR and
I tell all what an amazing, inspiring guy he is! Love the part
he wrote "Never Give UP" too.

There is times that I to think I should open a store instead of
donating so much.haha However, I would share with anyone
who wants to come visit!

Creek, decorating the outside was pretty easy. Alot of the
eggs have wires so all I did was hang them up! So quick
compared to tying the string ones. I'm thinkingif I go
shopping after Easter, I will pick up more for next year. I
know I have more out in the shed tho.LOL

I will always Treasure my book "Burning Shield" signed
by Jas.

Nana, not a clue how many Bunnies I have! Looking
forward to seeing your new one that hopped in this year!
Always wonderful to know the decor brightens someones

Did you see this Jelly Bean tree someone decorated? I
Love It! So simple and just darling I think.

Thanks so much ladies for all the Sweet comments. I've
been so busy, I forgot I posted these and didn't respond.
Good thing Nana was gone playing with Felicity and brought
them back up. Now I'm behind but will catch up!


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Your egg bush is inspired. My only outdoor seasonal decoration is a wreath on the front door and this year, I didn't even change it up for Easter...shame on me for being lazy.

That jelly bean tree is awesome. Did you find it on Pinterest or somewhere else?

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Thanks for the comments, Fun. I did find this JB bush on Pinterest. It has cooled off here so I haven't done any more outside. Need to find out for sure what's happening for Easter this year. If we are going to have little ones, I will bring out the blow up Easter Bunny and put him out by the bush.


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