Perlick bev center: signature or C-series?

piu007April 16, 2013

Hi all,

I have gone over the perlick website 3 times now and am embarrassed to say I cannot find the difference between the signature series and the C-series.
I am looking exclusively at their bev center 24". It says in 1 place that the C-series is suitable for food and bev but then in both places, it says the temp in the bev center is 36-48 degrees.
I am trying to keep some milk in there apart from wine and other bev. This strangeness is stemming from my kitchen layout... that's a whole different post!!
Many thanks for the help,

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There used to be big differences between the two units but now there is not. It comes down the compressor.

The Signature unit uses their proprietary variable speed compressor that is very quiet and energy star rated. If you put in a lot of room temperature items or open the door repeatedly in a short amount of time it cranks to a full 700 btu but if you just open it once and the temperature dips below the desired temp it turns on at a barely audible speed. You may not hear when it is on depending on kitchen acoustics and how sensitive ears you have.

The C series uses a compressor that is also rated at 700 btu but is not energy star rated and is pretty much what most other high end beverage centers use. It is quiet vs the low and mid end beverage centers but not compared to the Signature. It is single speed and you can hear it crank up when it starts. The compressor is larger and takes up more room. The C series has 4.9 cu ft of room vs 5.3 cu ft for the Signature series.

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Thank you so much for the insight! No wonder I didnt find the info on their website.
Now it'll come down to price... have to do some digging!

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We bought True fridge drawers for similar circumstances, needing a space for beverages but also for milk and cream for the coffee machine. True are like Perlick, very well made, very quiet, different options to choose from, drawers or doors, etc.

Here is a link that might be useful: True Professional Series

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Check out the "factory seconds" section on the Perlick web site, or something like that. That is where I got my wine fridge from and it was probably 1/2 off due to a scratch/dent on the back side, but since it is a built in you can't see it at all.


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