Easy-clean toilet for children

cucinamiaApril 10, 2014

I am trying to pick a toilet for the bathroom that our boys will use (currently 12 and 6) and that serves as our guest room, especially for our 70+ year-old parents. I want the easiest to clean toilet (one-piece, skirted, pop-off seat??).
I have two additional issues - it ideally would fit both a 6-year-old (I read that their poop falls in a different spot and can be harder to flush?? :-) and a 71-year-old man.
And my bathroom is super narrow, so it needs to be as compact as possible, although I like the elongated seat since 3 of the primary users are men.
Sigh. I'm leaning towards the Toto Ultramax II and also saw the Kohler Santa Rita. Thoughts? (I'm leaning towards the Carlyle II for our bathroom if you have experience!)
Many thanks!

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Well, we have 2 Toto Vespin IIs. Skirted design, high seat, elongated, great flush. My 6 yr old uses it fine (no poop falling in a weird place issues)...

Maybe check into that option.

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Thanks for this recommendation. I'd still prefer a one-piece for my boys and cleaning (ugghhh) and it's a tad long (I'm trying to stay under 28") but it's always nice to have input from someone (esp a 6-year-old!) who has used it.

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Having two children (now 18 & 20) having an old 80's toilet there was never an issue with cleaning. As my son got older I noticed drips on the floor. New toilets didn't change anything. For me cleaning the toilet doesn't change by who uses it. For me the issue is wiping the floor everyday.

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