best method to clean a basement tile floor

christians1June 24, 2010

hello, have an older house and the back of my basement has 1'x1' asbestos tiles. they are very dirty and dull looking. Does any one know the best way to clean them up and possibly make them look shiny?

Thanks for any suggestions


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I would clean them with a good all-purpose cleaner like Mr. Clean or Sp-ic and Span to remove dirt.

You might try posting on the flooring forum for recommendations for how to give them a shine. Or, depending on what they look like, you might consider the option of painting them. You could post on the Paint forum for exactly what products to use. It is amazing how painting something can make it look so much better and cleaner.

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Asbestos tile wears amazingly well....
I would use a shop vac that will also suck up water. And put on straight 409 and scrub with a push broom, suck up the filth and repeat.
I have used a circular power scrubber on tile, but unless your tile is firmly attached to the floor it can lift the corners.
To shine it up after it's clean, use any of the vinyl waxes...or a carnauba wax if you want a lasting finish.
Linda c

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I had a situation some years ago with some really, really dirty vinyl flooring. After trying a bunch of household, all purpose type cleaners and a lot of elbow grease, I bought some commercial 3M floor stripper. The difference was absolutely amazing; I put down the stripped waiting a few minutes, and years accumulated grime wiped up effortlessly.

Unfortunately the stuff isn't cheap and you'll need to find a janitorial or industrial supply house. Well worth the money and effort IMHO.

Here is a link that might be useful: 3M Floor Stripper

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