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TurkeyrunJune 18, 2011


The clear plastic bowl and lid of our Kitchenaid food processor have film/spots on them that I am not able to clean off. They just don't look clean despite soaking and scrubbing.

How can I get them nice and clear/clean again?

Thank you

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Have you been washing, rinsing, letting air dry or in the dishwasher? Plastic food containers washed in dishwasher usually end up with white spots on them. Drying with dish towel immediately after washing will help reduce spots.

It most likely is water spots from lime in water. Try vinegar to get water spots off or use Lime-a-Way spray (will take a little soaking to work).

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To clean the food processor blades and discs, rinse them immediately after each use so that food won't dry on them. To clean blades by hand, wash them in warm soapy water. If you clean them in the dishwasher, put them in the top rack. If they go in the bottom rack of the dishwasher, they could get damaged over time from the intense heat of the water.

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