Master layout - thoughts on this setup?

autumn.4March 4, 2013

I have come across this kind of set up a few different times and wonder if any of you have any experience with it or what you overall impression is of it?

My current 'want' in a master layout:
Access to the bathroom/closet without re-entry into the master to avoid waking the sleeping spouse (we are on very different work schedules/sleeping patterns). Initial thought was to have a walk through between laundry and master closet to enter that way.

Then I came upon this that someone else posted for an entirely different reason and it got me thinking.

Pros that I can see:
Easy entry into bath or closet or laundry without disturbing your spouse.

Cons that I can see:
Privacy as to get to the bath/closet from the master you walk through that little open space from the living room. We don't normally have overnight guests nor those that would be in the living room while we are sleeping but what if you were quick walking through in your workout clothes or something and your kids had invited a friend into the the house....awkward!

I see there is a dashed line depicting a door in that horizontal hall but it would kind of detract from the looks I think?

I believe that closet in the hall there by the PR is meant for the foyer too - odd placement - a little too close to private spaces.

We are now starting to contact house designers (starting there as we have determined that more than likely a full fledged architect is sadly out of our reach-I'd hire some of you on here in a minute if I thought I could afford you, lol!). I will have to settle for picking your brains for free and hopefully get a good plan that will live well for us.

So anyhow - thoughts anyone?


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You would have to keep your main bedroom door closed for your privacy walking between closet and bathroom, and put a door where the dotted line is to block the sound/light for a sleeping spouse. All those doorways in your oval marked area make it look a bit tight, but I like where you're going with the idea. I have kind of a similar issue, so wanted to keep the doorway to the bath/closet close to the door out of the bedroom. I put my floor plan in the post prior to yours.

Maybe post the whole house so we can see the access/sight lines.

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The fact that you do not see doors in the sketch, does not mean that you will not have doors. This looks like a Donald Gardner plan. Take a look at his plans, he does not show doors maybe for clarity.
The dashed lines are not doors. It represents a bulkhead.
Do you see those tiny walls that bump in the hallway by the closet accross the powder room? That is where the master bedroom door will be located.
The masterbathroom door will open against the shower, or you can use a sliding door.

If you buy the set of plans, it will show the doors.

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I think you could very easily put a door on the bedroom between the hall closet (what you think might be the foyer closet) and the rest of the hallway to your closets/bathroom.

I also think the dashed lines adjacent to the powder across the hallway are meant to be an archway or some other structural/visual definition of the space, and not a door per se.

It would work for your situation, but not everyone would like entering their master suite via the closet. It might also be difficult to maneuver a mattress around those 90* corners into the master, but that would depend on the bigger picture (and hall width).

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back2nd - this is just an example of the bedroom area-not really a plan we are thinking of buying so that is why I didn't post the whole thing. I attached the link below for reference. Many things we like but not completely and hoping a house designer will capture our desires with the lay of our lot to create the best space for us. I am trying to keep an open mind! I will be sure to post a 'real' layout once we get that far - can't wait! I just hadn't thought of this option and wondered what the thoughts were on it. You are correct though - lots of doorways in that hall area. Hmm. Will definitely check out your layout post!

nafnaf-it is indeed a Don Gardner plan. Thanks for clarifying the drawing lines for me. I wasn't quite sure what all of them represented. Not thinking I'll like a door casing, etc. that you'd see from the living room looking down that hall. I'd rather have you see a wall with no door but that really gets rid of all privacy of the master 'suite'.

kirkhall-great observation on the hall turns/king sized bed. We have a king so I have to keep that in mind! This site is so good for just these sorts of things. 6'2" tall hubby would not be happy if we were not able to fit the king sized bed into the room. I don't mind the closet thing at all. Right now we have master-bath-closet. For the new home I'm not that picky on the bath first or closet first off the bedroom - just want to be sure I can get in there without going back into the bedroom.

Thank you for taking the time to give your input!

I have linked the plan. What caught my eye initially is the rear elevation (simple but I like it) and that the screen porch is in the corner - which would be south east corner for our lot. We aren't interested in 2 story great rooms though and a few other things that it has (one of the upstairs bedrooms is above the master, etc etc).

Here is a link that might be useful: Don Gardner

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It looks like there is a door from the back porch into the master bedroom. That is the door you use to get the large furniture into the room. Just make sure to make it a wide enough door.

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