How much did your Bathroom Remodel Cost? Survey??

raehelenApril 16, 2013

I created a spreadsheet yesterday of our expenses so far for this nearly 100% DIY Master Bath redo. We gutted everything, and every single thing (window was replaced 5 years ago- we never did put the trim on,, it's all painted and ready to go, but that's how long we've been planning this), is being replaced and moved. Each fixture, all the wiring, replacing Aluminum with copper, and adding a fan, lights, towel warmer, etc. So basically other than the sheathing for the outside walls (replacing insulation, adding a vapour barrier), and the 2 X 4's it's like a new build. We even replaced the roof a year ago...

I'm glad (sort of), that I added it all up, but when I included an estimate for what remains, I can't believe the total cost. DH had predicted the exact amount, and I had assured him, no, we won't be spending that much more...

I think it may be useful for other GW's to know exactly how much a bathroom reno costs.

So, I don't mean to pry, but when I did a search, I really couldn't find too much info on the cost of BR renovations here on GW, not like there is on the kitchens forum. I did find a post from 2010, where a bathroom remodel specialist responded with what he charges per sq ft in the Vancouver, B.C. area (which, coincidentally is where I am located), it was $500-$800 per sq ft. Another post gave a link to a remodel cost estimate web site, which I went to, and according to them, I 'should' be spending about $7800 and it will increase the value of my home by $400. This estimate was for a DIY! Well, I have to tell you I was disheartened, as I thought we were doing extremely well, doing it all ourselves, but my costs will be more than $7800, and though we're not doing it for resale, we're doing it for ourselves, it had better add more than $400 value to the house!

So, anyways, I figure it's not too personal if we limit the amount to $$ per sq ft. I like the parameters given by the renovation estimate site. Could you respond to these five?

1. How much of the reno will/did you do yourself?
A little
About half
A lot

2. What level of quality is the finished work?

3. What size of Bathroom
Small (0-50sq ft)
Medium (50-100 sq ft)
Large (over 100 sq ft)

4. What will be/was the cost per sq ft?

5. General geographic location and city, suburban or rural? (kirkhall asked that this be added..good point)

I live in the PNW, suburb of Vancouver, B.C. (high costing real estate) I am doing almost all the renos with custom finishes in a small bathroom and my estimate comes up at ~$204 per sq ft. (that's NOT including cost of window! LOL)

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There are several posts on this topic--do a google search and you will find them. There is one called "Anyone want to share their bathroom budgets?" from a couple of years ago.

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My bathroom was 42 square feet: Some repairs and electrical were done separately, probably to the tune of a couple thousand dollars. (Plastering and updated electrical were done separately and a few years prior to near-gut renovation)

Other than a Toto Toilet, the finishes were very basic: Daltile tub surround and Octagon and dot flooring, an Americast tub and vanity top from American Standard.

I come up with a total of about $16,000

I come up with $380 sq foot. This was with a contractor that does good quality work, but not my regular $$$ contractors. But it was not at all high end materials, all very basic.

I am not including the bathroom door, which was custom to match historical doors and was about $1000.00 excluding installation.

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Thanks Palimpsest,

I appreciate your response. I think it helps people to know, as it's better to be informed.

NYCBD..I keep forgetting that the GW search engine isn't the best one to use, even using the title you suggested, it didn't come up... but it did on Goggle. I don't think it hurts though to have another post, that one is three years old.

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I am about to start 2 renovations - master and hall bathroom. They are each 64 sq ft. I estimate $312 sq ft for both labor and materials. I have purchased all materials myself. Labor/materials run pretty much equal. The labor includes taking space from an adjacent closet and putting in a pocket door. There isnt any DIY. The workmanship is avg. My highend contractor was double the labor.

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We recently completed our main floor bathroom which acts as a powder/guest bathroom. My husband (and I to a lesser extent) did almost all the work himself. He had a little help as he broke his leg shortly after demo. The remodel took about 7-8 months because of his leg.

That bath is approx. 38 sq. ft. and other than the Toto toilet and Cambria counter, the finishes are pretty standard. We had a custom vanity/mirror made which was a bargain at $600 for both. New lights, tile floor and full tiled shower, new fixtures, sink, trim, paint and décor. While I thought it was an expensive remodel for the size, it came out to approx. $136 sq. ft.

We have a master bath remodel on the horizon and we will not be doing any of it ourselves (that's our thinking as of now - I may eat my words). I would guess it'll be at least twice as expensive, if not more.

Suburban Twin Cities

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Please edit your posts to include your (general) geographic location (and whether it is city, suburban, or rural)!

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I haven't started yet, but my contractor is doing a walk through with his subs on Thursday, I'll give you more information then. I am hoping everything will be well under 20k since I am not changing the layout.

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I am about to start 2 renovations - master and hall bathroom. They are each 64 sq ft. I estimate $312 sq ft for both labor and materials. I have purchased all materials myself. Labor/materials run pretty much equal. The labor includes taking space from an adjacent closet and putting in a pocket door. There isnt any DIY. The workmanship is avg. My highend contractor was double the labor.

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63 sf, just under $120/sf, no DIY (except I painted the door after, that fiasco is chronicled in another forum), upstate NY, I had just a few days to pull it together so it is all off the shelf stuff from Lowe's. Labor was 2/3 of the cost (and stuff like drywall, grout). This figure includes new tub/surround (so new drywall in that area), new rough in valve and trim, new vanity, mirror, wall cabinet, toilet, floor tile, vent, paint, and all accessories (curtains, shower rod, sink accessories, etc). No floor plan changes were made.

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I have worked in the bathroom remodeling business for the last 20 years. There are a number of issues that will affect your budget which don't really fit into a sf cost. I would definitely recommend working with a licensed contractor that specializes in bathrooms as they are a different beast from Kitchens and there are often unforeseen issues with mold and dry rot which may not be initially apparent. Anyway, in my experience an average Guest Bath remodel will run about 10k and Master Bath closer to 20k. Things that will affect your budget significantly: are you changing the footprint, moving drains, building or removing non structural walls and/or doorways? Heated tile flooring vs vinyl (some of the new vinyls are great alternatives to tile cost-wise and maintenance)? Spa/jetted tub vs soaking tub? Heavy glass enclosure vs std glass (Heavy glass is a beautiful look but probably not worth the extra expense for a guest bath), cabinetry is usually a big chunk of the budget- your wood choices and choice of door facings, whether custom or not could double your cost for the same size, shower and countertop surfaces: you can use a solid surface type product for about the same price as tile and have greater durability and easier maintenance. Some of the new surfaces, like TruStone look like slab stone but are actually engineered, Finally your choice of plumbing fixtures will affect your budget- if you want quality don't buy through the big box stores..,the national brands provide a lower quality product (plastic vs brass parts) to the big box stores than those you purchase thru a plumbing wholesaler . Also, don't forget to upgrade your fan and lighting. Just some things to consider in order to have a realistic budget for your bath remodel

Here is a link that might be useful: Trustone Products

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Good info LeeAnn. I just suggested people could post their costs per sq ft to keep the info from being more personal than someone may be comfortable with. However, seems like posters don't mind sharing actual costs...which is great. Because as you so aptly pointed out, there are many issues affecting the cost of a bathroom remodel. I've been preparing for this reno for many years, and I had a very unrealistic amount in my head as to what it was going to cost. Having said that, I realize the extent/scope that GW'ers go to to remodel is probably not reflective of the average when I was at HD looking at plumbing supplies, they looked at me like I was sporting a third eye on my forehead, and the plumbing 'expert' asked, "Oh, are you one of those millionaires?" Anyhow, for those of us here on this forum, there is a sense of wanting to 'get it right', and I hope learning what a realistic budget may be will help.

Just one point though, it may be different in the States, but here in the Lower Mainland of Vancouver, BC, there is only one supplier of solid surface for bathrooms, which we did for both walls and pan in our Basement guest bathroom. We would have LOVED to have done it again in our Master, but the cost of the walls in solid surface was going to be more than double the cost of tiles, (partly cuz we don't have to pay labour for the tiles), so we are doing the pan only this time. Not sure if our guy is more expensive than elsewhere, but he does have a monopoly, so there's no way to compare.

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We're at the beginning of a remodel now. Here's my best guess at how it will turn out:

1. None. We thought about DIY, but realistically the bits we could handle well are the least expensive parts of the whole job. And we dawdle, so it's best to get someone else to do it -- guests are coming!

2. Average. Generally name- but not designer-brands. Ceramic tile floor, surround, and halfway up the walls.

3. Medium -- 72 s.f.

4. In the range of $300/s.f. We really won't know until it's further along, but so far there have been no rude surprises.

5. Small city/big town in New England.

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We just did 3 bathrooms.

2 we didn't change the footprints at all and 1 (the master) we changed everything.

The master is approx 100 sqft bed the cost was approx $25,000.
It helped that the tub was on floor model sale - full price would have added $3000 more.

The downstairs guest bathroom is much smaller - maybe 60sqft. We kept the layout and reused the vanity (but added granite and new sinks). New tile, took out dropped ceiling. Made full shower wall into a pony wall, frameless shower door and new Toto toilet.

Approx $8000

The upstairs guest bath is also around 100sqft. We kept the layout and kept the vanity again changing the counter and the sinks. ETA: this sounds like we only changed the counter and sinks, when I actually mean we changed everything except the vanity. New tub, toilet and tile. Same layout.

Approx $9,000.

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My bathroom is about 49 square feet, we arent changing the layout and I got quotes around 17k with allowances, Iive in Billerica Massachusetts.

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I had an upstairs kitchen changed into the master bathroom. There was some plumbing for a sink (which was replaced with a clawfoot tub) but all other plumbing had to be worked in. I did virtually none of the work myself but I bought all of the materials. The size of the room is approximately 100 sq. ft. I would say that the level of the finishes is average because the custom pieces were as inexpensive as I could find and all of my shopping was done at thrift stores, eBay and Craigslist (even though I have a Toto toilet, it was just $50 from Craigslist). I live in an urban area of Upstate NY and, everything, including labor, materials, and accessories, will total approximately $9500.

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Just did mine and here's the rough breakdown:

Master Bath and adjacent Dressing area +/- 200 sq.ft.

General Contractor provided:
Complete demo, wallpaper removal, drywall repair, tub drain relocation & new tub frame & tub install, new shower stall, tiling, new shower window, new linen closet door and walk-in closet doors, new frameless shower enclosure, installed new vanity and dressing area drawers, electrical and new lighting install, plumbing, painting.

Owner provided:
Approx. 300 sq.ft. of rectified porcelain tile, mortar and grout, glass mosaic backsplash, Neptune Bora tub, Toto Drake II toilet, Kraftmaid vanity (7 ft) and dressing area (5 ft) drawers, Atlas hardware, Riobel shower pipe & faucet with Hansgrohe shower head, Moen 90 Degree vanity faucets and tub filler, Ronbow under mount rectangular sinks, Brazilian Gaya quartzite vanity top, tub surround and window sills, Jakarta marble dressing area counter top, new full-wall vanity mirror and vanity lights, Lutron Vierti dimmer, BM paint, & misc...

Total cost = $23,000.

West Palm Beach.

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Three bathroom re-do's in Weedy Acres, small midwest city.

master bath: Spent ~$25K, complete gut, moved plumbing, added walls.
1. All DIY except granite and shower glass
2. Quality is in the middle range of custom/expensive (custom cabinets & granite, but inexpensive tile)
3. Size: ~250 sf
4. Cost ~$100/sf

Added bath: Spent ~$10,000, completely new walls, plumbing, electrical
1. All DIY except glass shower doors
2. Quality on high side of average
3. Size: ~80 sf
4. Cost: ~$125/sf

Update bath: Spent ~$1000, kept tub surround and toilet, painted vanity, changed everything else.
1. All DIY
2. Quality: average
3. Size: 40 sf
4. Cost: $25/sf

In-process bathroom gut in our new project "Little Beau," includes replacement of all plumbing, joists/subfloor and walls.
1. All DIY
2. Quality: low side of average
3. Size: 35 sf
4. Budget: $1000 = $28/sf

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great post Weedy, thanks

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Wow, some of you are doing so well with costs, esp Fripp, Sapphire and WeedyAcres, that I think we may need another post, How I Saved Money with My Bathroom Remodel! And I love Sapphire's $50 Toto find!

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Raehelen: There are cultured marble manufacturers in the Vancouver, BC area. You might try one of them. They will probably be more competitive in price than the national solid surface suppliers.

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I was referring to the only cultured marble manufacturer. There is only one. We are happy with him, good product, good guy, but the prices are high. Just wondered if in areas where there isn't a monopoly if prices are any lower. I thought that's what you meant, but maybe you meant like Ceasar stone, etc. surfaces that we associate more with counters?

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Hi Raehelen,

The first way I saved money was by finding an affordable contractor. Then, I stayed away from all of the shiny, new name brand stuff. I am not a name brand person anyway (I heard of Toto toilets for the first time on this forum and saw the toilet on Craigslist the next day) and I have an old house so the older, second hand stuff fit the look I was going for. Lastly, I spent hours and hours researching to find what I wanted. Then I spent hours and hours finding the lowest prices for them.

It's almost done so I will be able to post pictures soon!

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Wow, just got my contractor's estimate for the bathroom and I am sticker shocked, even more so than the kitchen remodel I just did. Its gonna be more expensive than my kitchen.

The master bath is about 90 square ft and the labor estimate from the contractor is $200/square ft. This doesn't include the tub, vanity, fixtures, tiles, etc which I am going to purchase on my own. This only includes things like framing material, grout, sealer, pipes, etc. My tiles are going to be stacked one on top of another with no fancy patterns. The plumbing fixtures are basic. One shower head, two sink faucets, and one tub faucet. There is no rain showers, steam shower, or body jets. I am keeping the layout exactly the same, there is no moving of plumbing or knocking down walls. I thought my 20k budget was quite reasonable and now its going to be way more than that.

I live in a small city, suburban type neighborhood.

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Please make sure you are getting more than one estimate. $200/sq ft seems VERY high for just labour and incidental costs. Bathroom remodels are probably the highest cost per sq ft of any room, more than a kitchen, because you have so many elements in a small space. So, a small bathroom like I have large one like yours.

We are DIYing ours, only the vanity, cabinet and shower pan will be custom made, materials are good quality, not super high end though, EVERYTHING is being moved around/changed, and our total costs including all materials will probably be around $225/ sq ft.

Best of luck, hope you can find a less expensive contractor!

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Definitely get multiple estimates. My master bathroom is 64 sq ft (8x8 room). One contractor quoted me 18k for just the labor. The labor was just for a shower with fixed head and handheld with basic tile work in the shower, no major plumbing changes. I was shocked at the estimate. The current contractor we have will do both our master bath and hall bath for less than 18k.

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I am definitely going to get more than one estimate. The contractor who provided me with the estimate actually told me to get other estimates too. He said his price is reasonable. I live in Santa Barbara, where everything is super expensive.

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1. little/no DIY
2. Quality: custom but not over the top -- Kohler, Hansgrohe, ceramic tile, marine grade paneling
3. size = 65 square feet
4. cost/sq. ft. = $460
5. inner suburb

No changes to layout other than the wall mounted toilet, but even there, it's the easiest possible drain move. Old soffit gets removed along with a defunct asbestos flue, so that's $2k.

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I made a mistake with my numbers. The contractor also included the frame less shower door and the quartz vanity top in his quote, so taking away the cost of the materials, its approximately $180 per sq ft. Its better, but still seems high to me.

$3500 to install one shower head with pressure balanced trim (no fancy thermostatic valve or rain shower), 2 vanity faucets, a tube, a tube spout and a toilet (not wall mount). No moving plumbing at all. Is that reasonable? I have no experience since this is my first house.

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lilymila - Based on your numbers, it sounds like he is charging you about 16k labor for your 90 sq ft bathroom? That does seem high to me and we live in a fairly affluent area. My friend had a similar quote, but her bathroom was 150sq ft and she was tiling half way up walls. Definitely get additional quotes. That's the only way you'll know AND feel comfortable with your decision. We recently built a deck for our house and over paid for the job, but his work was impeccable and we were willing to spend the extra money for that. We chose not to use him for our bathroom because his estimate was just too high.

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In the middle of our master remodel currently, so numbers are not final (need frameless glass shower estimate). We estimate $23,000 (labor and materials). 53 sq ft, so $434 sq ft. Labor is $8,500 (1/3 of cost). Philadelphia suburbs.

I personally don't think estimating costs by sq ft is very useful since no matter what size your bathroom is you still need a shower/tub, toilet, vanity, mirror, etc., so the smaller the bathroom generally the larger cost per sq ft.

Bathroom is a complete gut and remodel. Moved some plumbing pipes, added a ventilation fan which wasn't there before, and are having the contractor put in extra stuff (i.e. Ditra, Hydroban, laticrete drain, etc.).

We also picked some high end materials which brought our costs our calacatta vanity top which costs $175/sq ft., newport brass fixtures, frameless glass shower and custom vanity to fit our 82" W x 20" D wall.

I have already started planning for the guest bathroom remodel and am trying to figure out how we can do this with caviar taste, but on a tuna is a guest bathroom afterall. ;-)

Contractor has already quoted us $7500 labor for that room (70 sq ft).

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Just did a 100% DIY powder room (similar, down to the studs, replace all mechanicals). Tiny - 21sqft. Spent about $3000 which is $145/sqft but that was a mix of recycled average/antique fixtures, and higher end product luxuries - like a bidet seat, a make up mirror, and a high end heart pine floor. I also spent about 1/3 of the budget on art work because I splurged a bit.

So if I had skipped the art & perks, I probably could have dropped it to around $1000 or $47/sqft.

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Probably between $32k and $35k for 101 sq ft. I don't know and I don't want to know at this point - It was worth it but don't care to be reminded of how expensive. I will have to face it more squarely when we run out of money as we go on to other remodel projects in the queue. But until then, I love the bathroom and do not regret cost.

It was basically a new-build rather than a remodel because of massive changes to footprint, walls, window, washer and gas dryer location (including move of gas line and electrical from kitchen), radiant floor, plumbing drains, wall mounted faucet and toilet, digital shower, pier and beam foundation joist modifications and "shoring up" beneath curbless shower, shower linear drain, dryer vent and other vents, all gavanized pipes that were within footprint of bath were replaced with copper, probably more stuff like ceiling fan, elec outlets added inside med cabinets (that would have cost 10 times more if I had bought Robern brand), etc., etc.

Contract was bid as labor plus basic materials such as drywall, waterproofing materials (kerdi-board, ditra, etc.), grout, plumbing rough ins, electrical rough-ins, and probably other stuff. Second part pricetag was not known until I purchased during the remodel - Ikea cabinets for vanity, plumbing fixtures (from consultant), lighting sconces, medicine cabinets, countertop, shower pull-down seat. grab bars separately, probably other stuff - I haven't totaled this second part - trying to stay in denial as long as I can.

Background - our house is 75 years old with a history of poor quality repair and maintenance. Contractor was superb (though not cheap.) But we are so glad we got it right this time.

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We are in the early stages of our remodel but so far I have been really close. My estimate is just under $23,000. We are DIY'ers so the only labor in the estimate is for the plumber and electrician.

We are keeping the existing toilet and hope we don't have to move it. This is the only thing that's staying.

Vanity will be a double somewhere between 60" and 72".

We will have a separate shower and tub.

We are taking over an old closet to add a few more feet and the total space will be 8' X 14".

Also adding 2 new windows and a skylight.

I think we will save between $8k - $10K in labor for the demo and carpentry. DH is a finish carpenter with a lot of bathroom remodeling experience (including tiling) so that's a win! Now if only he was a designer all my troubles would be over.

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I don't think I am in an "affluent neighborhood" but now I have my suspicion based on the quotes we received lately. One company quoted $70K for both master Bathroom and Guest bathroom; it worked out about $350/sqft. It does NOT include paint job, lighting fixtures and countertop slabs. The material listed in the quotes is average, such as $4.5/sq tiles.

The business owner said that we are in the âÂÂsweet spotâÂÂ, not super rich, but the house is in a great neighborhood and the owners are dual income professionals. Translate - these two helpless idiots short of DIY skills, know how, and time; we should charge any rate we like.

I could only hope interest rate goes up quickly. Serious!

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We are nearing the end of our remodeling so I can give you our cost. We remodeled 2 adjacent bathrooms (hall and master) which involved moving a wall and rerouting all of the plumbing, electrical (new circuit), removing an exterior window. The only thing we are reusing are 2 toilets and a 1960 cast iron tub. Total sqft is 100 and the total cost is 31k. Of that 20k is the labor and basic construction material (schluter system, dry wall, siding, etc). We used mid range material and didn't tile areas outside of shower and tub. We live in an pretty affluent suburb.

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I did a complete gut and redo of our master bath. Good quality materials - but nothing over the top. Kohler expanse tub, Toto Aquia wall hung toilet, 48" Whndham vanity, Grohe fixtures, Anderson casement window, $7 sq/ft tile (all walls and floor), heated floor. I did all the work myself - took about 7 months from demo to completion.

The cost was $140 sq/ft for materials only.

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We had our very large 1988 master bath remodeled in 2005.

It's probably 150 square feet-not sure but we have the largest master bath of anyone we know-and our house is not that large.

We paid Home Depot Expo Center about 42K. There was no change in footprint; it ended up being about 10k for product--all midrange-and 30K+ for labor.

We knew that the Expo Center was much higher but did not know any contractors and felt that they wouldn't leave in the middle of the job, etc.

Everything turned out fine and we are happy. (But it dragged out a couple months longer than they estimated--but that's just part of remodeling).

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We are just getting prices from contractors in NYC for our 35 sq ft (actually a little less since it's not quite 7 x 5) and prices are $7,500 - $20,000 from 4 different places. The bathroom is over 50 years old and we have just been living with it for a while. It's all contractor work, no DIY. We cannot move plumbing so the layout won't change.

I'm not really sure what the $7,500 price includes since the contractor would really not elaborate beyond "a basic bathroom" that includes wall to wall new tile (what we have now).

One vendor who did not do a site visit (only looked at photos) came in around $15K.

I am waiting on formal proposals from 2 contractors that visited this week and I gave them the wish list below that does not include any fixtures choices or finish choices but they are steering us toward custom and semi custom. One vendor said not to spend too much since we could price out the market for resale (we are not selling anytime soon, if at all) so he came down to $20K from $25K. There is one more contractor on the list that we plan to call for an estimate.

A neighbor spent $40K on her bathroom. I have not seen it but just heard the price this week so I will make it a point to visit to have a look.

replace bathtub/drain & replace fixtures, adjustable rain shower with separate handheld

replace medicine cabinet

make laundry hamper area into storage (framed with shelving)

demo wall to wall tile, replace tile

add recessed storage on rear shower wall

install new lighting

paint entire room (replace bathroom and bedroom doors - only two doors in the apartment so they should match)

replace metal towel bar in shower

replace storage cabinets (towels & other products)

install vessel sink and fixtures

add handheld sprayer for toilet (may get washlet seat if elongated toilet will fit)

cover and tile over pipes; add mesh venting

remove shower door (install curved shower rod)

replace ceramic towel bar (8 hooks?) & switch plate

add vertical toilet paper holder

upgrade & add electric outlets (2 x 2); not on same circuit as lights

Labor only estimates so far:

Materials $3,355 (low) - $7,355 (high)
One GC sources and stores the materials which seem to be at least 25% -50% higher for some items than I've seen locally.

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We did one in our old house a couple of years ago that worked out to $120 sq ft but the one we're working on now is an "it'll do" remodel, just enough to make the bathroom situation in our Ugly Duckling lake house livable for now.

We did all the painting ourselves. That included priming and painting the new drywall and trim, as well as reviving the vintage vanity with paint and new hardware. Our quasi-Amish contractors took down a wall and linen closet, added a door to the master bedroom, installed the tub surround and did the electrical, plumbing and flooring - a small part of the subfloor had to be replaced.

The quality of the finished work is definitely economy. We kept the old green tub porcelain tub (!), the cultured marble-ish countertop and the vanity. We have an acrylic surround as a placeholder while I save up for solid surface (and decide if I really can live with the avocado green tub). We had a new, medium quality Crane sink, an American Standard Cadet III toilet, mid quality Delta tub spout, two-in-one shower head and sink faucet installed. The flooring is the same as the rest of the remodel - glue down LVP. Lighting and accessories (towel bars, robe hooks, mirror, etc) are big box.

Our bathroom is 72 sq ft.

It's hard to tell the exact cost per sq ft because the quote was not line by line and included new drywall and trim for a fairly large livingroom and two halls,as well as some add-ons in the kitchen remodel. The total for all of it is $8000. I'm guessing the bathroom part is around $2500, which is just shy of $35/sq ft.

We live in rural Indiana.

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I feel I don't have a typical situation, closer to a DIY budget, but it is $15,000. We will see if I go over. I agree with sapphire69 regarding contractor. But you have to be careful there, you see a lot of terrible tile work on this board by contractors that are not truly skilled, so I suggest trying to go see work they've done in person. My contractor has given a labor cost for his work, and I purchase all materials so I've had to research and hunt for best pricing. I am still not done on that end. I am doing travertine and pebble in the shower, wood look porcelain on the floor. I'm getting contractor pricing on a lot of materials. For example, my travertine is 12x24 and I got it for $5.50sq/ft. where most places I shopped it was $8-$10.

For my children's small baths my contractor estimates $3-4000 total. I'm sorry I don't know the square footage, probably 50 sq. ft.

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We are coming around the final turn in Phase 2 of our bathroom/laundry room basement renovation. Phase 1 in mentioned above.

basement bathroom and laundry room : Spent ~$7500 (phase 2), started from raw unfinished/dirt spaces in 130+yr old house, redid 100% whole house plumbing (3 floors) both supply & dwv, added walls, added whole house water softener, did quite a bit of electrical, added a network/wiring closet. All included in totals because they all intertwine.

  1. 100%DIY
  2. Quality above average workmanship - mix of vintage + custom materials but not over the top -- vintage fixtures, Hansgrohe tub/shower fixtures, heated inexpensive porcelain tile floors, ceramic tile surround, simple custom paneling, custom laundry cabinet, nice laundry sink, oh and concrete! (yay! no more dirt basement) plus behind the walls stuff like studs, drywall, insulation and ventilation fan.
  3. Size: ~225 sf
  4. Cost ~$33/sf (no, that's not a typo!) If we add in Phase 1 powder room (included art and lux items) and the sidebar project extras of the kitchen pantry/new kitchen flooring then the total rises to about $48/sf, (I added in the expenses for all of that but only counted the sf (225) of the phase 2 space so powder room + pantry + the big kitchen floor didn't add in another 381sf (for a total of 606sf transformed!) and crash the number to $18/sf)

5. urban neighborhood, medium large Midwest city

Always ;-)

Hunzi - budget DIY goddess

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