Which Miele DW is your favorite?

acgummadApril 14, 2013

Miele's wesite is horrid... can easily find the information I think I need, but understand virtually none of it. They've organized content by feature rather than by benefit, so unless you fully understand each feature, you have no way of determining which is the best model to suit your needs.

So, looking for your opinions because I know most of you have done this research, AND bought and used them...

Five questions:

1) Which model has worked the best for you, and why? Personally, I feel like the Classic is a bit too entry-level for me, but don't need all of the bells and whistles that makes up the Diamond (such as Delay Start, which I would likely never use). Trying to figure out if the best for us would be Crystal or one of the Dimension models.

2) What the heck is the difference between the Dimension and Dimension Plus? And what benefit do you get from either of these that you don't get with the Crystal?

3) I need part of the cutlery tray to be adjustable to accommodate larger cooking utensils and ladles. If I recall, one line of models has flexibility in the cutlery tray, and others don't. Please advise which of these include flexible cutlery trays. Also, for the SensorDry feature - am I only going to get totally dry dishes if I buy a model that offers this feature? It's only on the higher-end models, but part of the reason I'm not considering re-buying Bosch is because I can't stand their drying technology. I don't want to shoot myself in the foot by buying a lower-end Miele just to have this happen again.

4) What is the information I need to know about water softening prior to buying a Miele DW? I've seen a lot of posts on GW about this, but don't understand them. We have a well with hard water in our home, but a centralized water softener system softened with salt that gets filtered prior to being used by our Bosch for washing dishes. With a Miele, do I want to AVOID their water softening features?? This would impact the model we select, I would think.

5) Looking for advice on whether we should get one or two machines. I realize no one here knows our current situation, but let me explain. We cook A LOT. From scratch, and use a lot of pots and pans. (We look lots of Indian food). We have always felt we needed two machines, but frankly, I wonder if it's because of the poor interior configuration of our 10-year old Bosch, which cleans beautifully, but dries like crap, and wastes a TON of space on the inside, forcing us to do two loads each night. Now that both Bosch and Miele have cutlery trays, thereby including a third rack, it appears to me that the interior space is used a lot more effectively, so I'm wondering if we would still need to get two machines if we bought one of the newer designs (either brand). What do you think? If the design of an older machine made you think you needed two DWs, do you think you would estimate you only needed one machine with a newer design, or would you expect that you'd be 'once a two-DW family, always a two-DW family?'

Thank you for your advice and suggestions!

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You should have poked around the miele site more, there is a chart that provides an easy comparison between the different model lines. See the link at the end of my post.

Why do you think the classic model is not good enough for you? Is it just the idea of getting a base model that turns you off? Its easy to get caught up in buying top of the line when reading the posts around here. While its often true that you get what you pay for, I feel that with Miele dishwashers the return on the incremental increases in price among the different models is minimal.

Here is a link that might be useful: http://www.mieleusa.com/pdf/Dishwashers/G5000_Futura_series.pdf

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The two differences between the Dimension and the Dimension plus are that the latter is a tad quieter (can't imagine it really makes too much of a difference really) and its door pops open when the cycle is done. I was going to get the Dimension but at the last minute upgraded to the Diamond because I wanted the auto close and the interior lights. They are both nice to have but of course, completely unnecessary. I do like the door popping open though and would have missed this feature o the Dimension had I realized the difference. I am someone who never uses the different basket configurations. Once set, I would probably never change them. And all the extra cycles border on silly, to tell you the truth. The big functional thing in my view is the 3D cutlery tray. I think that is definitely worth the money. So my vote would be for Dimension or if you want the door to pop open, the Dimension Plus.

Personal choice of course, but taking up half the dishwasher space with pots and pans such that a second DW would be required would not be something that we would ever do, but for those who are okay with giving up cabinet space for the second DW, power to them!

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I've had 2 Miele dws in the last ten years. The names change and they've added features. But many basics don't change. All of them do pots & pans really well -- there's a pots and pans cycle that's a gem. Also, these machines can be loaded up like crazy and everything gets clean -- there have been some amazing pics of that posted here. We use ours heavily for pots, pans and utensils, plastics -- everything. Only wood items and good knives are hand washed. All of them are quiet unless one is super sensitive, then go towards top of the line or second from top. I had posted a photo of my older dw packed with 30 dinner plates but I can't find it now.

There are a few definers with Miele. My personal must haves are:

The cutlery tray. I had one with my Optima that was divided but I only removed part of that once. Your big utensils like ladles and whisks are too large for the regular cutlery tray -- unless you get a model with the 3D feature which is relatively new. Otherwise, bigger utensils can go on top of stuff in the second basket. I would like the 3D for top cutlery tray but it may cause adjustment in the second basket. On bottom basket I like the plate guard separators and the pieces that come out or fold down. My stock and soup pots go in that flat space.

Two key cycles. I need china & crystal. I also loved Express (45-50 mins) which my Optima had. I would not get a machine without either of those. Some people don't need china & crystal but it's another shorter, lukewarm wash for less dirty loads. But c&c seems to be in that 2nd-3rd tier DW and up. I didn't feel I needed more than 6 cycles. I basically use 3-4 of them most of the time: Normal, Normal Plus, Pots & Pans, China/Crystal. I used express a lot on my Optima for daytime loads (I don't have it now on my older machine).

Adjustable center basket. There are clips that allow it to be raised and lowered. Very useful.

Lights. My current dw doesn't have them but my new Miele washer & dryer do. It's one big improvement I would get and pay more for. But not necessary for everyone.

If you don't want lights, then it looks like you're eliminating the whole Diamond range (someone correct me if this is wrong).

After these factors, the consideration has a lot to do with door style and control placement which is a dominant force on various lines. It's more important than you'd think. I like the hidden ones on the top of the door -- my current dw has a cabinet panel and it blends beautifully. Previously I had a ss panel with hidden controls. But with hidden, I need to look for the red light that comes on when the DW is working -- that's just below the counter. If you want to track it, you may want a front panel. You can eliminate a lot of confusion by choosing control placement and panel/no panel first. Then start to look at features -- it gets easier.

We have a whole house softener. You call them and they program the machine to disable the softener. I've never used salt -- when we had the Optima our city water was perfect and salt wasn't needed. Same thing -- disabled the internal softener. That, to me, should not be a selection point.
If you feel you need 2 machines, don't overlook their 18-inch machine. It's not as compact as a dish drawer but it will hold a ton and might be a good compromise over 2 full sizes.

Hope that helps you fine it down, at least on the first round. When you get some target machines, post the choices and folks may comment. Lots of happy Miele users here.

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nycbluedevil and roccogurl - can not believe how helpful both of your posts were! THANK YOU!

What is the value of the door popping open? Trying to understand the benefit of this.

I think what I might do is buy two Miele's, one high-end, and one low-end so that I have the available features of china and crystal cycles,, as well as the 3D cutlery tray on one, but then a basic one for extra pots and pans.

Anyone else out there have an opinion?

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Sometimes in the morning, with a cycle started at 11 p.m., the dishes are still hot. So it seems odd to have the door pop open and let the heat out. Thought that was required for drying. And with that feature I wonder about the effect of repeated steam on the adjacent cabinet, door panel and counter. If you have a marble counter would condensation cause any etching? (they will say no but I would pay attention to that).

With the lowest end machine I'd be sure to look at the drying system, which was different previously. Deeageaux or Fauguy may be up to date on that now.

Optima was their best selling machine for a time and it had a great blend of features. I have the older version (Excella) now since we've moved and I miss the improvements in the basket flexibility and convenience of Express.

One more thing -- older machines were hooked up to cold water only. Newer ones have a choice. But for models with china & crystal I hook it up to cold only. My hot water, f.ex. is 130F but the china/crystal cycle is 115.

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Excellent. Thanks, Rococogurl. I agree with your concerns about the auto door open feature. I'm not really certain I like the concept of that. I may go with a Dimension and a Crystal...

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I was told that the Diamond that opens the door at the end is designed to let room air in, to help aid with drying. I asked about heat and moisture causing issues with counter tops, and was told there's a metal plate that installs on the front top edge of the unit that helps protect the under-counter from moisture. But that sill doesn't help moisture or heat from damaging side wood cabinets.

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