clogged shower drain

AnjoBanjoJune 10, 2014

Help! My husband works in a machine shop and comes home very greasy. I am having a hard time keeping my shower drain from clogging. Does anyone know of any suggestions to prevent this other than me insisting he shower outside!!!???

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Our shower clogged one time and a plumber pulled out the thingy and it was clogged by my long hair. I just cleaned out a bathroom sink with the same problem. Google for directions to pull out the thing where it drains, sorry don't know the name of it, thingy will have to do. LOL I found how to clean the clog and replace a bathroom fan. Both things were easy to fix.

I don't think a greasy body could cause this.

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The grease coming off your husband's body should not be enough to clog your drain system. If it is hair that is clogging your drains, a Zip-It drain cleaning tool may help.

Here is a link that might be useful: Zip-It

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That just might work if it is not badly clogged. It would not have cleared mine. Here is a page of instructions, I watched the utube, but wanted a printed version. I found it and laid it by the sink it to refer to.

Here is a link that might be useful: Clearing a clog

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Google "mini-drain snake" This small tool is similar to the one shown above but it can be re-used.

I bought a bottle of liquid plumber that came with a tool like the one shown above. I have used it multiple times to clear hair from my sink, but I can see it getting worn out.

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After the shower drain is cleaned out, put a wire mesh strainer over the drain to prevent hair from going into the drain.

The wire mesh strainer will need to be cleaned off and on. This works in our bathtub/shower and also sinks.

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If it is due to hair, I use a white long plastic thing with serrated edges I got from HD. I have long hair and usually have to do it once a month.

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