Get rid of bleach smell after whitening sheets

angiepangieJune 28, 2013

This maybe a no brainer but I have always wondered, after you have bleached your whites- and done the extra rinse, and maybe some vinegar- the bleach smell remains. I am very sensitive to this smell. How do you get it out? I am tired of washing things several times to remove it. Perhaps I need to stop using bleach.

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If you have washed them several times I don't think you will get the smell out. I stopped using bleach years ago because laundry soap came out with it. Even using those products I had to buy the non fragrant. I used Tide with bleach for awhile then found Purex Triple Action no fragrance does just as well and a lot less expensive. I just keep bleach in the home to clean bird feeders,

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Emma, do these products you mention do good at whites? Right now I am soaking my bleachy blanket in Biz.

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The Purex Triple action is great. It does such a nice job I do NOT use it on colors. It is a liquid and the fragrance free is in a white bottle.

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