Drain Added to Lot After Contract Signing

jmwoody99March 18, 2012

Hi there. Im having a new home built out of state. I recently went to check on it and, unfortunately, the builder has added a large cement-topped drain in my back-yard about 20' from my back porch (the lot is about 25' deep). I understand the need for drainage easements, the problem is the large industrial-looking cement top that makes it very unsightly (esp in such a small yard--about 18" high and about 4-5" across). I was not made aware of any easements on the lot when I signed the contract (as a firs-time buyer, I didn't even think to ask for a plat map). I have photos that show there was no cement structure when I signed for the lot. The truth is, I love the home...but my dream home does not contain a cement sewer-drain looking device in my yard. Any opinions/thoughts? I don't want the home since the lot has been modified (need for a drain was not disclosed prior to contract signing nor after). I would accept the same home on a different lot, though. Pls advise. Thank you.

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It sounds like it might be access to a E1 grinder pump for your sewer. Just about every new subdivision around here not on personal septic is using these things now.

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Thanks but it's not part of a grinder. Only a few of these cement drains are on the street (not one per house as you suggest). This sub-div doesn't use personal septic.

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Oops...I meant 4-5 feet across...4-5 inches wouldn't bother me.

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You might ask this question in the buying/selling a home forum.

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Agree with above. Did you have a buyer's agent? This becomes a question for a RE lawyer in your state. Of course landscaping can hide anything.

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