Ink on carpet

babsfloJune 1, 2009

How do you get black ink off of beige carpet?

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This may sound weird but I have found it works for ME.
Cut a potato in half and lay the cut half on the ink spot. Just let it set there. it seems to draw the ink out.
Another thing you may try is hairspray. Just spray and wipe with a dry cloth.

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I had terrible trouble with an ink stain on carpetting. My kids pen leaked on the rug, I tried every remedy known-hairspray, alcohol, spotcleaners, rug shampoo. All I was able to do was remove the color from the carpet itself. What started as a dark blue stain the size of a quarter changed to a pinkish-yellowish blob about eight inches accross. I now have a throw rug over the spot. The carpet is basically totally ruined. Warning-you may not be satisfied with home remedies.

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