Some type of 'fleas'??

annova914June 15, 2009

I'm going nuts with some type of fleas that first appeared in an upstairs bathroom 2 summers ago. Now they're concentrating just on our kitchen, all around the window over the sink area of the counters. Our pest control guy was here last week, saw them but offered me no solution as to how to get rid of them (he was here for our quarterly ant spraying). I've seen them outside around a stone planter on the front stoop. Our cat is strictly indoors and has never had fleas (and these don't look like fleas that cats attract). I'm calling them fleas because I have no idea what they are. They're very tiny. Just sprayed the entire area around the window and counter with Raid. Ugh! I'm just wondering if this is some type of cyclical insect that is making its appearance after many years (sort of like the cicadas...we had them back in '04 here in the metro DC area).

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Google fungus gnats.... tehre are gnats that live in plqnt soil and even in sink drains....see if that's what you have.
Linda C

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Thanks, Linda! OK I just googled fungus gnats but when I looked at the photo and read the description...I don't think what we have are fungus gnats. Our "whatevers" don't have legs (or ones that I can see). and no big wings either. When I see them on the counter, at first glance they look like tiny dark crumbs..then they move. I think I'm going to catch some and see if I can show them to a county extension agent (ticks me off that my pest control guy had no idea how to get rid of them...or that the spray he used that kills ants, silver fish and spider crickets is not killing these insects). I'll do some more googling, though so thanks for the suggestion. Ann

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I can't give you any advice on what critters you have, but instead of using Raid in your kitchen, try using Home Defense by Ortho. It's safe around food, kids, pets, etc. and lasts a long time. Doesn't smell bad either.

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I also have some type of fleas in my bathroom...they are around the sink and on the counter. They are small & black and don't appear to have legs, but can jump. Haven't seen them actually fly. I don't see them near the window. They appear in late Spring & last most of the summer...I really don't know what they are or what to do about them?

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