anyone know where i can buy a belt for an Infinity vacuum?

diydevonJune 22, 2008

my husband managed to break the belt on our new Infinity NV29 vacuum. We bought it at walmart and love it...until now. We can not find a belt for this thing anywhere! Ive searched everywhere - stores, online, even on infinitys webstie and i cant find it! help!

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Have you tried Ebay? Thats where I get my Kirby bags...lots cheaper than @ the vac cleaner stores.

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I would appear that there may have supposed to have been an extra belt in the box from WalMart. If you don't have one around go back to WalMart and look for another still in the box and see if this bit of information is correct.

WalMart occasionally has long warranties on such things. ((I once returned a DVD after almost a year because I didn't like the way the remote consumed batteries. They, i.e. WalMart, couldn't care less about my reason they just replaced my 12 month old DVD and checked "don't work" on the form.))

I found a link to what was supposed to have been a manual for your product but it was loading too slow for my machine. Google for "Infinity NV29 manual" in quotes to see if I was on the right track. Did you google for an "Infinity NV29 forum"?

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Sometimes manufacturers make a specific model for Walmart, identical in most ways to the ones sold elsewhere. So the belt for another Infinity model may work. Shop the internet for other Infinity models by Shark and see if they look like yours.

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Take the broken belt to a proper vacuum shop, they carry belts for all sorts of vacuums. More often than not a belt that fits one make/brand of vacuum fits another, they'll find one for you that works

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thank you so much!

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You should be able to find the belt at a Walmart. You may have looked at a time when they did not have any. This brand and model is new to Walmart, so they may not have the belt in stock yet. Walmart sells Arm & Hammer brand of bags, filters and Durabilt belts, all from Electrolux Homecare(Eureka, Electrolux). The belt for the Infinity would be a XV29 I think. Go back and look again. Get the number from the back of a vacuum belt bag and call Electrolux Homecare.

Also, look for the belts at BB&B and maybe LinenNThings.

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I bought 4 today at the Wal Mart supercenter. It was not with the replacement belts, but was next to the display of the Infinity vacuum hanging off a peg.
Be sure to set the toggle to carpet (not bare floor) before you start. Took about 5 minutes to replace.

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I found that you cam get belts for the NV29 here:

Here is a link that might be useful: Infinity NV29 Belts

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That comes out to $6 a belt, for a Euro Pro product. Search elsewhere.

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