Need small vaccuum for dusting

jockewingJune 26, 2010

I have a little chihuahua that sheds enough hair to create tumbleweeds! When I use dust rags or microfiber rags, it takes me forever to dust because the hair just gets blown all over the place. I would love a small portable vacuum that would get everything up more quickly. I have not liked the dustbusters I've had in the past. Are there other options?

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Simplicity Sport!

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I know a simple vacuum cleaner like Oreck 2-in-1 cordless speed sweep vacuum cleaner can do the job very well. It picks up hair and dust easily, and the noise it created is low too. We just had one recently and my wife loves it. It's bagless too so it is environmental friendly. The battery can last for 20-30 minutes of vacuuming, after that you just need to charge it.

Jay Chua

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I bought the Bissell Pet Hair eraser for my stairs after reading the great reviews on Amazon. It's a corded vac (the cord is super long) so it doesn't have to be continually recharged like dustbusters. It's got great suction and picks up a ton of dust/dirt off the stairs that I would never even know was there. Kind of a pain to clean it out but it's worth it when I see how much crud I'm picking up.


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Please make sure you buy nothing by Kirby Vacuums!

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