Best way to get grime off wood cabinets

hostarastaJune 29, 2006

Hello everyone out there in cleaning land!

We just moved from Michigan to Hercules California and are loving it. We are renting a 1970's house with medium-dark stained cabinets in the kitchen. The cabinets have grime that I can literally scrape off with my fingernail (sorry, I know that's gross). What is the best way to get the grime off? I have tried Murphy's Oil Soap in a few spots but that doesn't seem to do the trick.

I know someone out there in cleaning land has the answer.

Thanks in advance!

Marlene from Michigan (now Hercules!)

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Have you tried TSP (trisodium phosphate)? It's cheap. You buy a box of powder, follow directions to dissolve a measured amount in water, and have at it. Painters use TSP on walls and woodwork before painting. It's a serious cleaner and degreaser. I'm pretty sure you're supposed to wear gloves. I haven't used it in years but I have an old box stored away and plan to use it on my dark-stained wooden cabinets kitchen cabinets prior to painting them.

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Ditto. Get it at the hardware store.

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I'm wondering if Simple Green wouldn't do the trick, It's a great degreaser and is concentrated as well. On the site it says that on wood, to use it 30 parts water to 1 part Simple Green, or 50 parts water to 1 part Simple Green. Now considering this is accumulated grease, I would probably try it straight up with a scrubby. Then I'd make sure to rince and then put a nice protective coating on the cabinets afterwards. Probably a spray coat of laquer (not too shiny).

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I like awesome you can find it at most $ stores and it cuts through almost anything. I use it with microfiber cloths found in the automotive section of $ stores. they can be washed and reused for almost anything from dusting to baths and kitchens

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worked with this problem on&off 12 years tsp&afine scrubby should do the trick work areas thate can be rinsed before moving on rinse everything towel dry. do somthing you enjoy overnight today-rub in a good wood oil oyae paint store should have everithing good luck

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I have always had great luck by using full strength Awesome (from the 99 cent store) on a Miracle cloth heated in the microwave for 30-40 seconds. Be sure to wear gloves so you don't burn yourself.

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Do you put the Awesome on the miracle cloth before putting it in the microwave?

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I have greasy cabinets and asked this same question. The general concensus was use a miracle cloth and either Awesome or Castrol engine degreaser.

I haven't tried either yet. I'm waiting until I schedule a party and force myself to do thorough cleaning. If you do it first, let me know how it works (either method).

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I have used "Krud Kutter" on cabinets. It works well. You can get it in Home Depot.

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I use a microfiber cloth and either hot water or a little Simple Green (undiluted). Works great!

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This weekend, gdd thought she was being cute by splattering cake batter in the kitchen. It made its way to the cabinets. I used my steam cleaner to get the cabinets clean. Then I just wiped dry.

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I have read the postings, many great ideas. My question is; what is a miracle cloth?

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I want to try the TSP for my oak kitchen cabinets. My only worry is that it will be to harsh. Is it safe for oak cabinets? Any ideas?

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I haven't had that residue since I started using an electric range, it is the residue from cooking with a gas stove.

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We put in light oak kitchen cabinets in 1988. I clean them every few months with "Parker and Bailey Kitchen Cabinet Kreme" . I bought it either on line or from a catalog. A creamy thick liquid in a white bottle, looks almost like Elmers glue. Never seen it in stores. I use a nylon (never metal) scrubby to really clean around the door handles.

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I am new to this forum & have the same question as Debra, what exactly is a miracle cloth?

Here is a link that might be useful: Best way to get grime off wood cabinets

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Miracle cloth is a microfiber cleaning cloth that really grabs dirt. You can get then in a bag of 25 for about $10 at Costco, or at Walmart or Target. Check in the auto dept along with car washing supplies.

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