my UN-planned shopping spree (picture heavy)

PurplemoonApril 5, 2011

I've been trying to find a curio cabinet to put in my Dad's room that I'm redoing (maybe I should start calling it Zorro's room now). Checking Craigslist, I saw one for sale by a dealer in my big, favorite antique mall. So off I went yesterday to get it. I did, and its perfect for my Cherubs, and little bird, collectibles! Naturally I just had to spend almost 2 hrs walking the whole place and seeing what the 500 dealers had. (Luvs, wish you were with me again...we had such a great time that day.)

I went a bit crazy....ok, more than a bit...buying all this Bunny and Easter stuff I saw! I keep telling myself I need LESS not more, but Myself just doesn't listen!

I'm definitely sunk when I see 'crackled' bunnies and these sure spoke to me.

A lovely little hand-painted Goebel Bunny on Egg, from Germany, made in 1980.

Easter Bunny Village House (thank you, NanaK. for "enabling" me by seeing your Village! LOL. At least its purple) The tiny bunny selling flowers out of his egg shop looks cute with it I think. That was $1! And would you believe the bunny decoration on the left was just $2.50, and the seller had included a tiny bag with the little chicks each holding a basket of decorated eggs.

Easter Chicks! I had just said I'd look for some for next Easter...but guess I should have said THIS Easter. The single chick is by Lefton and I'd seen it on eBay but too much with shipping. Same with the planter Chick.

It has a crackled finish! I'd seen them on eBay in pink, blue, and yellow, but shipping made me not buy one... tho I was really tempted. So finding this white one was great. And how could I resist the trio?

Porcelain egg hinged box with lilacs, little plush bunny ornament, and a pretty trio of little birds for my collection that has nothing to do with Easter.

Metal wall basket with hand-painted bunny, $4. I thought it was really pretty.

BIG Bunnies. The one sitting up is almost 14" high and the laying one is 10" long by 7" high.

Don't ask me WHERE the heck I plan to put these two, I just wasn't leaving them behind tho!!

Pair of Quail for my Christmas decorating as I have the 'white' collection of things I love so. THe pair was

$2. WOW, guess the dealer just wanted them gone asap.

The Old World Bunny was a very unexpected treat to find. He MATCHES two I bought years ago!! In the second photo, he's the one in the middle. The photo doesn't show it but they are lightly finished with sparkly diamond dust.

hugs, Karen

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Karen, you needed a little retail therapy! I love all your buys, and yes, the crackled bunnies are beautiful!

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I love everything you bought.

The Lefton chick is my favorite.

So glad you got to have some retail therapy, but aren't you missing a picture? The Curio cabinet?? Or are you just teasing us until it's decorated? LOL


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Karen, so Happy you found your curio cabinet. After finding all these beauties you may need to go shopping for another one! My favorites, All of them. The Old World Bunny if I had to pick only 1.LOL

Like Candy, where's the cab. pic?


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Oh my... Oh my... Oh my....Karen I love Everything you bought! If I had a place near me like that, I probably would use my weekly grocery money and we'd starve!!! lol

I love the bunnies with the crackle finish and the sparkly ones too. As far as finding a place for the 'big ones'...heck even if you tuck them in a corner..they're wonderful. Love - love - love your chicks. I've been eyeing some too, and you're right, on Ebay with shipping - it takes the fun out of buying them. I guess when something's in Season..they do that.
Seeing Nana's Village was enabling - uh - inspiring, and now you got some cute pieces too!
I too was thinking you were going to show off your new cabinet...I guess like Candy said..once you've finished filling it up - right?
Have fun decorating it, and we're all looking forward to the 'unveiling'...

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I see lots of things with purple on them! Love the big bunnies and the sparkly ones too. So many cute things, I can see why you couldn't talk yourself out of bringing them home. ;o)


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I flat forgot to take a photo of the curio. I did get the little birds and Cherubs in it tho.

Here's what I did with some of my new decorations...the little corner etagere by the master bedroom.

and I tweaked the arrangement on the kitchen counter by fridge. Add the other two trees and removed the green placemat so I could angle the arrangement to the corner better. It was too big to turn it.

hugs, Karen

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Gosh Karen, I love everything you found!! I have the twin to that porcelain egg. I found it at a TS years ago, I love it.
Over the weekend I found a cabinet at a recycling center for the extra dishes glassware etc that I've gotten since Last Aug when I found Enablers R Us. I sit here shaking my head at myself.

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Marlene Kindred

Okay you.....I'm going to make my flight reservations now! You've got to take me shopping with you...WOW!! You found the neatest things...and some were SO cheap! LUCKY YOU! Love all of your bunnies and the quail and the metal basket with the bunny painted on it is just so cute! I'm SO happy that you had a great deserve it!

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NanaK, you really had me chuckling that you had to go buy a cabinet for all your new dishes thanks to this Forum. LOL.
I'm glad you are having fun with us...we are enjoying helping you spend your money too.

Oh, the gal at the check-out counter didn't know I'd come in to get a curio. So I kept bringing up all my little goodies as I walked the aisles for her to hold for me, and when I was done shopping, I told her I needed a curio cabinet to put them in so I was buying one too.
I couldn't resist. LOL.

hugs, Karen

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Here's the curio I bought (Zorro in his chair admiring it).

hugs, Karen

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Perfect size Karen...Boy you're quick,
I see you've filled it up already very nicely ..
maybe you need another!!
I see Zorro approves...


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Jane, my little Cherubs and also the small collection of bird pairs I have needed a 'home'. So that is what sent me curio hunting. They fit perfectly in this curio.

Yep, Zorro does seem to approve, LOL. He's happy as long as he has his chair tho.
hugs, Karen

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Very nice Curio, Karen.
I'm sure the cherubs and birds are happy in their new home.
How is Zorro doing?

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WOW, purplemoon, you did have a GREAT day at the antique mall! I also am lovin' everything you got ... pat-on-the-back to nana, for Easter village 'enabling!' LOL!

Last yr I got one of those Goebel eggs (w/yellow duck) that I showed on counter edge...they are just so darn CUTE...I love your bunny one! That metal wall basket painted is really where you put it & how you filled it w/flowers. Bunnies & chicks...SWEET!

Looks like your Curio cabinet fits your needs & Zorro's! Great buys, PM! Good for you! Jeanne S.

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