Height of Body Sprays?

ArcticSlalomApril 9, 2012

my wife and I are installing a custom shower.

we are planning to have (3) body sprays.

the moen square ones.

what height should we mount these?

(2) of them will be on the same wall as controls, (1) will be 180 degrees opposite. we are thinking 34, 46, 58 inches with the 34 and 58 on the same wall.

I'm 6'-2" and wife is 5'-6".


the moen PDF install says 39" & 58"



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This is how I did mine. We didn't go by any particular recommendations. I am 5'3". I stood against the wall and measured the height for my hamstrings, lower back and upper back--all the places where I want the jets. Then I marked the wall. Then DH (who is 6'4") stood there and we made sure that the sprays would not hit him in any "interesting" places. It all worked out.

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