Are wall mounted lavatory faucets hard to repair?

kaysdApril 19, 2012

I am strongly considering wall mounted faucets for our dual sink vanity. I like the modern look, and I think it will be easier to clean the counter around the sink if I don't have to work around the spout and handles in that narrow area. It should also mean less plumbing under the counter taking up cabinet storage space.

My concern is that if the plumbing goes back into the tiled wall rather than down into the cabinetry, it may be difficult for a plumber to repair or replace the faucets, if ever needed, without damaging the wall. I am sure there must be some trick to this that I am missing. Please share your experiences with wall mounted faucets.

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I am no expert but this is how, off the top of my head, it is done. First the hot and cold is run to the area. Than a "rough-in" valve piece is attached behind the wall where the faucet will be mounted. This is what does the mixing of the hot and cold, if it isn't mixed out side the wall with a bridge faucet, for example. The wall gets finished and the rough-in protrudes from the wall and this is where your finished pieces are hooked on. The round wall finish pieces at the base of the fixture covers the area where the rough-in protrudes, creating a nice finished installation. A shower is like this I believe and they are every where, right, so I don't think it should be that big of deal.

I would think that if, in the future, you needed to replace your faucet, there may be an issue of matching the new fixture to the existing rough-in valve. With my remodel I haven't put my new wall mount in yet, but my Hansgrohe Axor has a specific rough-in. If my faucet fails and needs replacing I think only a Hansgrohe Axor model will fit the rough-in. Otherwise I would think the wall would have to be opened up to put in a new rough-in. I think plumbing is pretty reliable, I have never had many issues over the years with plumbing, maybe I have been lucky and have had good plumbers.

If anyone has different info please correct me, I would appreciate it.

Hope this helps.

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