cleaning non-slip surface in tub

annieteeJune 10, 2007

I have a Kohler cast-iron bathtub with slip-resistant areas applied to the bottom. I have no problem keeping the rest of the bathtub clean (I like Simple Green), but those slip-resistant areas don't get clean no matter what product I use. Or perhaps it is more correct to say they're stained. Any ideas on how to make my tub look good again?

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How about a paste of baking soda and water?

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That's what I tried right before I posted my question! Maybe I'll try again with more of a paste, but sprinkling the baking soda on thickly didn't seem to get it any cleaner.

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I have the same tub and the same problem. I tried filling the tub just enough to cover the area and adding bleach to the water. I let it sit overnight. It helped a bit, but not completely. I'll be watching this post to see if someone has another suggestion.

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I went through this when I put in the Kohler Memoirs tub about 4 years ago. I don't want my tub to look like the one in the showroom! Here is a link to their website with suggested cleaning products.

I purchased the product, Rogill I think it is. It was pretty expensive ($24 or something like that as I recall).

Here is a link that might be useful: Cleaning Cast Iron Tubs-Kohler

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I had seen that about the Rogill on the Kohler website. I just can't believe that Kohler would put out a bathtub that couldn't be cleaned with widely available, affordable products. After all, a bathtub obviously needs to be cleaned frequently. Have you used the Rogill since the very beginning, or only after your tub started to look bad? How does your tub look now? Perfect? If it's a fabulous product, I might be willing to order it, but if it's only marginal, I might as well continue with cheaper products that are just as marginal!

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My tub looks good, but I agree with you, we should be able to buy reasonably priced products to keep the bottom of the tub from staining.

I've run out of the Rogill now and don't plan to reorder. I'm going to use one of the products on the list and if it seems to be staining, then I'll try another or reorder the Rogill as a last resort. I would guess that regular cleaning is the ticket, don't let it go too long without a good scrubbing.

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I tried some Dawn Power Dissolver on some hard water spots on some white shower tiles and on the bottom of the tub. It worked great.

Please be careful how you use it. I cleaned some things in my kitchen and it took the paint right off. Im a lot more careful now. They should put a bigger warning label it for us old folks. LOL.

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You won't believe how well this works, and I just "made it up" myself.

Wet the tub surface, squeeze on a generous amount of Dawn liquid dishwashing detergent and then shake on a good amount of Comet powered cleanser right on top of the Dawn.

Mix the Comet with the Dawn using a scrub brush (don't scrub it yet) and let the mixture sit for 30 minutes or more.

NOTE: Make sure any pets or kids are not allowed near the tub while the mixture sits.

Come back and scrub the mixture away (no need to scrub too hard) as you rinse with clean water.

The dark "stains" (just greasy dirt, really) will be gone!

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I have a Kohler tub and a cast iron Jacuzzi brand one too with the same problem. Bar keepers Friend works really good with a scrub brush and there aren't any nasty fumes. It's also really cheap and at most grocery stores in the cleaning isle.

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Videorobo, I do not believe that your method is safe. Comet contains bleach. Dawn contains an ammonia compound and there is a warning on the bottle of Dawn not to mix with bleach or bleach containing products as this can cause deadly fumes.

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If your tub is like mine was it's almost a gritty/sandy feeling surface. What worked like magic was the Mr. Clean Magic Sponge. It took a lot of scrubbing but it got right into the nooks and crannies just fine. The tub looked like NEW when I sold the condo. Good luck with it! :)

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This is one tip I am excited to share. (I even joined this forum to do so.) I have benefited from great tips over a few years and felt I had something to share.
I have had the same problem with cleaning the non-slip floor of my tub since it was new. Anyway, my sister told me she uses TRR and it gets all her red dirt stains out. I was leery about using what I think is something pretty strong and thought it would remove the non-slip striping, but she assured me it didn't. I tried it and it got white as new! The first cleaning took awhile, since it was bad, but since then all it takes is a few strokes with the sponge swab. I make sure I rinse it thoroughly when done. Hope this helps!

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What is TRR?

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TRR is Toilet Ring Remover. I buy it at a Long's Drug Store here. I don't know if WalMart or some similar store carries it.

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Mr clean magic eraser on my Kohler cast iron tub - works wonders

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I love Mr Clean magic eraser and use it a lot. It didn't work for my tub; only TRR did it for me. I just used the magic eraser to clean my stainless steel laundry sink. Just wiping it down got it really clean! I don't know why I didn't try this before!

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I have exactly the same problem and I have only had my bath for a few months...I just can't seem to get the non-slip surface to look clean and I have tried everything...even putting bleach in some water and leaving it over night?
I am very interested to try the TRR mentioned above but I am not sure where I could get this? Does it come in different brands and what does it look like exactly?

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Have you tried Tilex? It worked on that same problem for me. I just sprayed it on, let it sit for a while then scrubbed with a brush. .good luck. .debbie

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Thanks Debbie! :) Tilex, no I haven't tried that yet? Where can you get this?

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You can get Tilex at Walmart. It's in a spray bottle with all the other shower/tub cleaners. It is the best stuff ever for soap scum etc. .Debbie

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HOLD ON JUST A SECOND--The person using Dawn and comet together (videorobo) was using Dawn LIQUID, which is a very mild dish soap. It is used by museums and schools to make bubble solution for kids, so I doubt it contains ammonia. it should be fine with comet.

Maybe the Dawn POWER DISSOLVE contains ammonia and should not be used with other products. There is no warning on the Dawn Liquid.

Thanks everyone for your information--I ordered a plain tub when I remodeled, no no-slip areas, but my contractor scratched it with a ladder, and replaced it with one that does have this nuisance feature. I didn't know he'd bought the wrong one until it was installed. GRRR!

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Tilex is a very strong cleaner, which is why it works so well. BE SURE your bathroom is well-ventilated if you use it. My sil was using it to clean her bathrooms a few years ago when she was pregnant, and she was so overcome by the fumes, she almost passed out. Like I said, it cleans GREAT - just be sure your bathroom is WELL ventilated.

Sometimes when dear hubby cleans my bathroom from top to bottom (about twice a year - my back/hip make it hard for me to do deep cleaning), he sprays our tub/shower down with it and lets it sit about an hour, both to give it time to work and to let the fumes air out.

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Our bathroom does get cleaned more than twice a year, LOL!

I was talking about what is usually called 'spring' cleaning.

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I have an old porcelain tub, very worn finish & nothing was getting it clean--until I tried liquid automatic dishwasher detergent (eg cascade or similar). It was like magic!

Now, my mother's vinyl(?) shower pan is awful, and nothing I have tried so far including magic eraser has worked. I will look for that TRR & try that next.

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I have the same tub with the same problem.I have used industrial floor degreaser (purple),Zep grout cleaner,toilet bowl cleaner (blue- "the works"),soft scrub with bleach,powdered laundry detergent,fantastic,tilex,Clorox cleanup.I have mixed and matched-the fumes will make you sick.After hours of scrubbing and sitting their still is a light noticeable staining.The toilet bowl cleaner (with acid) worked the best.Does anyone have a better product????

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Just what I was looking for...well, this and info on kaboom never scrub toilet stuff!

I love these forums!

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I tried most of the cleaning products from above, and some not listed here. Some of them kinda worked, but not really well.

A friend suggested, as a last ditch effort, that I try toothpaste. I wasn't expecting much, since commercial cleaners hadn't done much, but it worked better than anything else I tried! It took a bit of scrubbing, but it's whiter than I've ever seen the tub!

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I too used magic eraser. But something easier, wash your tub with good shampoo( Rusk, or tresamee) let it sit for a few hours up to 24 hrs and the rinse, it works great without all that scrubbing.

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I don't have the Kohler cast iron tub but also have one with a non-skid surface that's difficult to clean. Used to spend 15+ minutes with a magic eraser which was crazy then by accident (was soaking something in the tub) found that a large scoop of Oxy Clean with just enough water to cover the non-skid area works like a miracle. I let it sit over night and the next morning don't even have to scrub.

Since I don't have cast iron I'm not sure that Oxy can be used, but it does an excellent job on fiberglass or whatever my tub is.

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I have a brand new Kohler tub with that darned non-slip surface. I was dismayed to read all the comments about difficulty in cleaning and was cursing that plumbing contractor who put it in, I can tell you. When my tile men got brown powdered grout in the bottom of the tub, I knew I was in for it. I tried white vinegar first, then Barkeeper's Friend to no avail. Then I had a brainstorm! I recalled how I had used WD-40 to remove gummy
price stickers from glassware. In my garage I found a can of Wal-Mart's generic called Super Tech Multi-purpose Lubricant. It's clear, unlike WD-

  1. Using a heavy duty nylon mesh scrubbie, I went after small areas at a time and wiped each area with a rag before moving on. This method
    TOOK OUT EVERY STAIN!! WAHOO! And I didn't have to buy the $40
    product off the internet. Just be sure to read the Safe Handling Measures
    on the can. This stuff is highly flammable. Good luck to everyone. Hope it works for you.
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I bought some Barkeeper's Friend after reading this thread several weeks ago. I didn't notice much difference after using it for the first time, but now after using it weekly for about a month, there is definitely a difference and it looks much cleaner.

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I have cast iron tub that has been in place for 41 years. The non-skid bottom is part of the tub (not something applied) and that is where the dirt(?) gets trapped and turns orange. I've tried bleach, powdered cleanser, scrubbing with a stiff brush, a Dobie pad, etc. I'm going to try the toothpaste and see what happens.

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I own rental property and have been cleaning Kohler tubs for over 20 years.
I have over 100 tubs to clean every year so I have had a lot of motivation to find the best way. I am going to try the R.O.G. products mentioned here and the oxy clean but so for what has worked very well for me is a Scotchbrite #96 pad( a green scrubbie) and Comet with bleach. The key is to scrub with your foot because you can put a lot more weight behind it that you can using your arm. Do a 6"x6" area at a time so the force is concentrated. I can get the non slip area looking brand new in 10 minutes with this method.

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I had the same problem with my Kohler bathtub. I tried about everything on this post.
Happy to report that the Mr.Clean eraser for tub and tile made it look brand new in minutes!
The sponge now comes in a larger, heavy duty version which is perfect for the job.
Good luck All!

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YAYYYY!!!! I read these posts and went straight to Walmart and bought the Magic eraser sponge (the extra big strong one someone mentioned) and the Dawn Power Dissolve stuff. I left it on for 30 minutes and it worked. I have been struggling this since I bought this house 4 years ago. I had tried EVERYTHING! You can't even see the ovals anymore. They are the same color as the tub!!!! I I LOVE THIS FORUM!!!

To clarify, I had tried almost all the recommended ways and they did help quite a bit. And like mentioned it was a lot of scrubbing. I wanted perfection and even though it looked pretty good it wasn't perfectly clean. With the other products I would get clean ovals but the edges would be darker than the center. I would scrub and scrub and it just never seemed to get perfect. Now it is perfect.

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I have tried the Kohler recommended ROG product and the stuff never touched the stain on 4 rounds of cleaning. Do they make any tub that does not have the non-slip surface?

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Really people...all this and that? Bar Keepers gets it off period. After that use soft scrub w/bleach for regular cleaning. The tub will never need the Bar Keepers again.

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Hey...I'm new to this forum...but I came across this thread. I have a non stick surface on my Toto tub, as well. I was in the process of cleaning soap scum off of my tumbled marble and filled the tub with pine sol/water mix to use for my tile walls. When I was done, which took a couple of hours...and I drained the my utter surprise the bottom of the tub was as white as the day I had it installed!

Who knew!

On a side note....Magic Eraser and Barkeeper's friend are light abrasives. Just an fyi

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I never had a problem keeping the non-slip surface clean in my Kohler cast iron tub. From the beginning, I used VIM Cream Cleanser with Bleach and a regular Scotch-Brite No-Scratch Scrub Sponge. Don't use a lot of VIM, and rinse well. I really miss that tub since we sold the house. I am now remodelling the bathroom in my condo, and having a hard time finding a 60x30 tub without a textured bottom. I really dislike a dimpled/bumpy surface, and would much prefer to find a bathtub that has a similar decal applied, like the Kohler slip-resistant surface.

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I can't believe nobody has tried TSP. IT WORKS!
TSP is an incredible product with many uses; but be sure to wear gloves as it is hard on the skin.
For the tub I used 3 cups TSP to 2 gals hot water and let it sit overnight. In the morning I just rinsed the tub and it was clean and bright.
Make sure you use real TSP - not TSP substitute - there is a big difference.

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Today I used a combination of two of the suggestions here. I did the Oxiclean soak and I left it for about 8 hours after showers were taken for the day. I did this in two tubs, one very dirty and one notsomuch. I then went in and used the Magic Eraser and a bristle brush. I didn't even really have to scrub and the black gunk on even the dirtiest tub came up. I was pleased with the results and the ease!

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