Cloudy film on Absolute Black Granite from Sealer

LaurieJune 2, 2012

Accidently applied 411 Impregnator to seal granite (Polished Absolute Black).

It left dull/cloudy streaks and I have since learned that some black granites do not require sealing : (

Can this dried on cloudy film of sealer be removed?

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Check with manufacturer of the sealer used on how to safely remove it from the black granite.

Better to be safe than sorry.

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Don't know how bad it is, but I have used a razor blade scraper to remove calcium deposits from granite in bathroom, from around faucets! It worked like a charm and did not scratch granite.

Does the can say how or what to use for clean up? Maybe acetone?


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Thank you krissie and Maid for responding!
Sorry it took so long for me to post this update. The granite is back to normal : )

The cloudy sealer residue came off with a Magic Eraser Sponge, Pine Sol mixed with hot water, and LOTS of scrubbing. After scrubbing... wiped it off, dried it, then repeated the process all over again.

If this had not worked, I was ready to go out and get acetone from my local hardware store as someone on the Kitchen Forum had said worked well for them.

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It is my understanding that absolute black (and ubatuba) do not need sealer -- that is why it did not penetrate.

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