Tree sap removal from concrete

krissie55June 21, 2009

Help, what will remove thick tree sap from concrete driveway and steps?

A power washer does not remove the thick spots.

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There is another thread on this page from someone who used "The Works' to clean her concrete. Maybe that would help.

Here is a link that might be useful: the other thread on cleaning concrete

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Floor stripper might do the job. I know it removes carpet glue from concrete.

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Are you still looking for sap remover? I used to keep a can of Goop (petroleum based hand cleaner) under the sink to clean sap off the drive/cars/kids/dog. We had several large pines hanging over our drive and entry and everything seemed to get pinesap on it. It works best if you work the Goop into the sap before putting any water or soap on it. With bad cases or dried sap you may have to let the Goop sit for a while. And/or repeat the treatment.

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