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mdwf2000April 9, 2014

New user posting here for help�

We have a Miele Optima d/w installed in 09. We have had it repaired twice for intake/drain issues, including a new motor of some sort. We have probably already spent over 500 on repairs with the service calls through Miele.

Our intake/drain light has come on again and I am frustrated. It will be 200 bucks just for the service call, not to mention any $$$ parts. My husband is ready to yank it out and sit on curb. He wants to replace it.

Any thoughts/input? He wants a Kenmore, but I've been spoiled by my 3rd row and awesome baskets. I will probably not be able to convince him to go with another Miele. Bosch? KA?

I don't know what to do!!!

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I had an Optima intake solenoid failure, and suspected that it couldn't handle the pressures it is rated to that are stamped on the side of the assembly. As a result of this (and an out of calibration pressure gauge at my RO system reading too high), I put a whole-house pressure regulator into my town water intake path. (Modern plumbing codes call for this anyway.) The town water pressure does run on the high side, but not so high that the solenoid -- as marked -- should be at risk. In any case, I have not had a subsequent failure.

Another possible source of overpressure would be pressure waves in the plumbing due to abruptly shutting off faucets, washing machine solenoids, and other possible devices.

If your static house pressure is unlikely to be higher than the IPC specifies, then installing some accumulators (water hammer arresters) in the water lines to absorb shocks may be a good idea. Having sections of PEX in one's plumbing can also help slightly. It is hard to diagnose this remotely. Having a real plumber investigate may be helpful.


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Interesting- I had this issue on a Miele from the same era and I think it was an optima but can't say for sure.
Miele thought the issue was the appliance install and repair company(which was Miele approved at the time but lost their stamp of approval and no longer does Miele )
See if you can get a Miele tech to come out vs local repair and also see if they will do something for you as this might be a more widespread problem
I never buy warranties but did for some reason.
3 strikes and a total refund. Was not going to get another Miele but after looking, I did go with Miele again and so far, glad that I did.

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