Best way to clean fiberglass bathtub?

kmdnpd08June 22, 2010

Hello, my shower stall and tub are both fiberglass. They seem to be getting dirty at the bottom where the texture is kinda of rough. I know I can't use a harsh chemical like acetone or scrub brush, it can take off the finish. Should I just buy fiberglass cleaner which I saw in the supermarket? Basically just want the tubs to stay white! I researched bleach and it said try not to use it, and if so, just for a short minute. We tried it and it didnt even work.

Help appreciated! :)

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I don't use anything but Scrubbing Bubbles,(but sometimes that won't remove the stains on the bottom.) I've used a magic eraser before and it worked really great in removing the stains.

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I like Comet Bathroom Spray cleaner on my fiberglass shower stall floor. It uses 6% citric acid for cleaning soap scum and disinfecting. You need to follow the label directions, which call for leaving it on the stain for a couple minutes before wiping to remove stains.

And as southerngal25 says, a Mr. Clean magic eraser will remove stains as well.

Here is a link that might be useful: Comet bathroom spray cleaner

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I clean condo for living and I have tryed everything,,
I use Mr Clean Sponges, extra strength,, they work greatttttt,gets soap scum off, great ,, still have to use a little elbow power,, don't know whats in it but its awesome.
I love them so much I have lots other stuff I use it on,, don't put clorox clean up on surface @ all,, pakage says so any way.. give it a try

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My jetted tub is fiberglass too, and when we bought it they said to use absolutely nothing abrasive, including Scrubbing Bubbles (who knew?). I love those magic erasers, but they fall into the abrasive category as well. I use a microfiber sponge with these little fingers on it--designed for washing cars I think. It grabs the crud right off without the need for cleansers. Once a week I soak the sponge in some Mr. Clean because it seems like I should, but it really doesn't do any better job than the sponge itself. Sponge lasts forever, had the same one for a year and clean the tub nightly. You get these in the car-washing section of discount stores.

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I just moved in to a townhouse with all fiberglass tubs and what I find works best is to squirt Dawn or Palmolive in the tub and work it in and let it sit for a few minutes . I also used a toothbrush on the rough part that you step on and a lot of the stains came off. After I rinse it out I then spray Scrubbing Bubbles for an even whiter tub. Works for me! : )

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I use scubbing bubbles too lets it nice & shinny too when done.

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I take a pretty labor intensive methodology to my tubs... a nice paste of baking soda and dawn dish soap with a kitchen sponge (the green scrubby kind). I only get around to it every few months or so, and it takes about an hour to do a full top to bottom scrub down. Rinse with water, then spray with vinegar to remove any last baking soda residue. Rather than reaching over the edge, I find it easiest to just undress and scrub from inside the tub. Once it's all sparkly clean I reward myself for all my hard work with a nice hot bath!

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Jules that is what use also, works for me. I don't have near the problem other people seem to have with cleaning maybe because it's a new home, not a rental and I never let it get dirty before I clean. It does get dusty though.

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