Is this tarnish? How to remove?

LauralenaJune 15, 2014

Just noticed this discoloration on the chrome (or is it nickel?) overflow plate on my sink. I've only had the sink about a month! Soap and water won't work. What is this? Tarnish? Anyone have a clue as to how to fix this (and something that won't hurt chome OR nickel, as I don't know what it is)? What caused this to happen in such a short time?
Thank you in advance!

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I would call the factory. They are expensive and should not be that vulnerable to damage.

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Hi, I was actually able to move MOST of it by scrubbing it with a solution of half water, half white vinegar. BUT I did take your suggestion, and I e-mailed the company, along with the photo above. Something tells me that with the same sink, it might happen again. I wonder if this could be silver plate instead of chrome? The sink was made in Italy. Anyway, thank you for your help. I will report back if I learn anything from the company. Maybe it will help someone else.

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Have you had any kind of bleach in the sink? Clorox? I do know that chlorine bleach reacts with metals like steel and tin, causing them to rust. I found this out the hard way when I had Clorox in the water to wash my clothes. A tiny piece of the enamel had chipped off in my washing machine. After soaking my white jeans in the bleach solution overnight, they were extremely white, except for a horrible rust spot that had developed where my jeans were resting on the missing part of the enamel. This bleach/metal reaction could be causing the rust on your sink.

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Hi, thanks, but no. I never put bleach in this sink, nor clothes that came in contact with bleach. The only thing I've used to clean it is Method cleaner. Nothing else. I think I am going to try a Mr. Clean magic eraser. Someone told me they had success with that. And the white-vinegar solution got most of it off. But this is something that I should have had to have dealt with FAR down the road��"if ever.

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I would look around the house for some chrome or silver cleaner, put that on and buff away the tarnish. You could apply a bit of car wax once it is gone - it might help to slow the tarnishing.

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If white vinegar got most of it off, I would soak an old hand towel or some paper towels in vinegar and lay it on the stain over night. I had not been wiping the faucets in my shower and the were badly stained with water marks I could not get off. I google and was told to use the vinegar soaked towels wrapped around the faucets, it worked.

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Thank you, graylings and EmmaR. I do know that my water (south shore of LI) has a very high iron content, and this might have something to do with it. However, it doesn't look like rust, more like tarnish. I will try putting a vinegar-soaked towel against the plate, but I'll also try chrome cleaner. I like that car wax idea, too.

Everyone has been so helpful. Thank you!

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