How to remove mold and mildew stains from polyester shower curtai

the1behinduJune 19, 2008

I'm looking for some solutions or cleaning ideas that will remove the black mold and mildew stains from polyester shower curtains? The lable states "mold and mildew stain free" but that dosnt seem to be the case. We've tried bleach but that only leaves white spots on yellow shower curtains. ( I work in a small hotel as a housekeeper. We've asked for new shower curtains but so far none have come to us.. so I'm trying to find out how we can get these stains to fade and go away, or is this something permanant?) We wash the shower curtains frequently and the stains just seem to stay. Any ideas besides ordering new ones that the boss wont do?

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Bleach the whole shower curtain and if it turns white, enjoy a different color in the decor!!

Fortunately my shower curtain is already white and washing in bleach works well.

However, if the curtains have had black mildew in them for a long time, it may not come out even with bleach.

Most likely the bathrooms are small and little or no air circulation. New curtains will get the same way in a short time.

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What color were they to begin with? I know bleach yellows white polyester, so what color were they originally?

Seems I've had good luck removing spots like that from DH's shirts (they were forgotten on basement floor) by soaking in ammonia and water for quite a while. But it was a while ago. If you can spare a couple long enough to soak it may work and sure wouldn't hurt. Sandy

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You might have luck with soaking the curtain in Oxyclean

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I would throw them out, because in my experience, nothing fully gets rid of mold and mildew. The cost of a new shower curtain and liner is not worth the agravation, and smell, IMO.

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I sense the slightest whiff of SPAM in the above post, but I took a look at the site. I agree with the idea of pulling the shower curtain away from the tub to dry, but you certainly don't need to pay $10 plus shipping for a clip to do that.

I bought a clip at Home Depot for less than $2. Another thing that works really well is placing a plastic clothes basket in the tub after you finish showering and draping the shower curtain around it. Or even a bucket - just anything to keep the shower curtain from touching the side of the tub.

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I agree. I like the idea of airing it out to help eliminate moisture and mold. Does anyone know of any other ways to help with that? I'm afraid that a basket or bucket will scratch the tub and I couldn't find the above-mentioned clip on home depot's website. I looked at the shower hook thing posted earlier and they say they will send you two of those hooks and a free shower curtain for $10. Does anybody know of anything cheaper that won't scratch the tub?

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Here are three ways to do it:
Command adhesive spring clip mounted on the wall opposite the shower curtain

My current method: spring clip tied to shower head hose:

My previous method: plastic clothes basket in the shower:

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