please help! streaks on walls...magic eraser...

lizstanton08June 6, 2008

I heard good things about the magic eraser, so I used it to remove a few scuff marks on the wall. However, it left huge streaks on the wall, and when I tried to rinse it with water multiple times, the streaks only became bigger.

What can I do to fix this problem?

I live in an apt. and can't repaint.

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It sounds like you have flat wall paint, not a gloss. Nothing will help except repainting; you have wiped layers of paint off. Cleaning flat-painted surfaces is hard to do, the semi-gloss is much easier to clean.

Sorry there is nothing else for you to do, but paint is cheap, and if you get the same color I can't see why your landlord would disapprove.

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I agree, nothing but repainting will fix this. But, you don't have to repaint the whole wall, just that area.

Keep an empty pickle or other glass jar handy, and the next time you see the painter in an apartment, ask for some touch up paint. Buy a $1 disposable brush and you are good to go.

Otherwise, remove one of the electrical outlet cover plates and take it to the closest paint store and have them match it.

If your walls are white, the painters are probably using a paint store's pre-mixed color called Shell White. Start with the paint store closest to you. That's probably where the painters are going.

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