Cleaning a flood soaked doll ?

pump_toadJune 15, 2008

I just had a friend call asking how to clean some cloth beanbag dolls with china heads that were soaked with dirty flood water. She had a Rubbermaid tote full that she had made for Grandchildren. The only suggestion I had was to take a pan of soapy water to the cloth part, swish and put in the sun.

Does anyone have a better idea?


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I'd add a little oxy clean for disinfectant purposes to the water...
By the time Iowa gets drained out, I guess we all will be experts on clraning flood soaked stuff.
Linda C

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Just throw them in the garbage! I have over 60 of DWS stuffed animals and dolls and they are filled with excelsior. My stupid MIL put then through the washer and they weigh 40 pounds each. They are full of mold and have been in a cedar chest to the last 40 years. When I open that chest I can't stop coughing. Who wants that mold in their homes?!

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If she made them, can't she just keep the china heads and remake the bodies?

I would separate the head from the body, wash the body with bleach and soapy water, then let dry in the sun for a very long time until they are 100% dry. Etienne is right about the mold, but I wouldn't just toss them out right away, they sound like they are definitely worth trying to save.

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Michele has the best idea, cut the heads off and make new bodies. Lots of work, but a grand result!

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I'd second or third that. There's no telling what bacteria and solvents are in flood water. It's very dangerous.

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