Disinfecting Kitchen Countertops

happylady1957June 13, 2008

Hello All,

I'm curious as to how those of you with granite, quartz and other expensive countertops disinfect them? We are due to look for new countertops, and I realized I probably could not use my beloved chlorine bleach to clean up after yucky raw chicken that drips, etc. Also, how about the sink? Could I have colored porcelain? Thanks in advance for any input!

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I clean granite kitchen countertops with a mixture of water/alcohol in a spray bottle. Works great and does not leave water spots.

I also use water/alcohol on mops to clean the porcelain tile floors.

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I use the Lotus.
Before the Lotus I would use 50/50 water and white vinegar.

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I use hot, soapy water on my granite, and I like undermounted stainless for sinks, as it is the easiest and most hygenic to keep clean. There is a lot of evidence that we are overdoing the disinfecting of our houses...most of the time, just washing away the germy things is enough.
When I am going to be handling chicken, I start by putting a pan or bowl of hot, soapy water and a paper towel in the sink, and pulling out my trash can so I can drop things in it without handling the cabinet or the can. Then I get out any oil and seasonings I'm going to use, and put them into the little glass bowls I use for prepping, so I don't have to touch the spice drawers or bottles. I put the chicken on a clean plate when I take it out of the package, and wipe it with a couple of paper towels, which is better than washing it, which just spreads any germs or icky stuff around. None of this is complicated when you get in the habit, and makes getting the chicken ready to cook really easy, with no cross-contamination. Everything just goes into the soapy water or the trash when I am done with it, and all that organized prep makes me feel like a Top Chef!

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Thanks all, for your input. I didn't realize that a 50/50 mix of vinegar and water would be enough to disinfect? Also, how would I get rid of tea stains and the like from a granite counter? Thanks!

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Phobie Privett

Be careful about using vinegar on granite, some types of granite will etch. I use hot, soapy water and/or a 50/50 solution of rubbing alcohol/water with a squirt of soap. I'm not sure if it really disinfects, but I don't think granite really harbors much bacteria.

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