Kohler Expanse tub

remodel-mamaApril 4, 2010


I am wondering if anyone out there has the Kohler Expanse tub.


I am thinking of using it in my kids bathroom. I have a 3 year old who takes baths; and we're thinking that this tub will give them more room for showers as they grow. I would get the curved shower rod to go with it.

Anyone out there have this tub? Are you happy with it? Any regrets? Thanks!

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My DH ordered this tub... it's looks cool... and I think it will be roomier for showering and taking baths! I will get a round shower curtain. I will post pics when the bathroom is done... but it will be a couple of months, because we are remodeling the whole house (!)/

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I'm thinking of this too. My only concern is that for baths, will I feel like I'm in a bowl? I take showers 90% of the time and like this tub because it allows so much space for showering. If anyone has experience -- or even opinions! -- I'd love to know.

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here it is

Here is a link that might be useful: Kohler Expanse tub

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I like it, and recommended it for someone renovating a bathroom who had already picked out a curved shower-curtain rod. It would look nice across the room from a similarly bowed-out sinktop. But more importantly, it makes extra, much-appreciated room in an otherwise tight 5-foot space.

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Thanks, Lee. That was my thought, too. I recently had to give up on my plan for a separate small shower stall and this tub makes that choice a little easier to live with. I think it's pretty cool!

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Any pictures? Also, did you do the 30" or the 32" x 60" option? I am trying to determine if the 30" will be too narrow at the bottom to be comfortable for showering regularly since my girls are almost out of bathing age.

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The homeowner I had recommended the Expanse for opted out at the last minute and decided to keep his old tub, even after revamping the entire rest of the room (sink, countertop, toilet, tiling, lighting, fan, even the shower/tub valves (now a thermostatic 4-way HansGrohe). But still the old, shalow, narrow 5' tub that was a cheap builder-grade fixture in 1982 and sticks out like a sore thumb after everything around it is new. Its too short and too shallow to use comfortably as a bath, even for one, problems the Expanse would have fixed.

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Here's my Expanse. Apologies to those who have seen this picture many times before. The picture makes it look a bit shorter than it is IRL.

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Dedtired: your previous photos had convinced me. Beautiful. I also got the Expanse tub - and I couldn't be happier with the look. I expect that I'll be able to use it by this week-end. :)

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Dedtired, what do you use to clean your tub? I love the roominess of the Expanse, but I have never dealt with an acrylic tub before. I am having a hard time getting it clean without using Soft Scrub or other products that might scratch the surface.

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