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leducApril 9, 2014

I need a recommendation for a 30" gas range at a price of $2000 or less..or a little more. I have a very small NYC kitchen.
I have been reading so many reviews that I can not see straight any longer and I suspect that a lot of those reviews were written by unemployed writers since 5 stars were given for pretty much all units. Please help. I like to cook. I do not bake.
Thank you!

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This is a "slide in" with unfinished sides. I assume this will go in between cabinets.

NXR is not world renowned for world class customer service. GE is the safer choice in that regard, if you get a lemon or even a range with a single problem. But you get a lot more for your money with NXR.

Here is a link that might be useful: NXR

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For the small apartment, do you want a slide-in? You can save some money with a freestanding range instead. With "backsplashless" slide-ins, you need to have or add non-flammable surfaces (tile, metal, glass) on the wall behind it from the wall from the level of the stovetop to at least six inches. OTOH, one of the attractions of a slide-in style of range is that you have all the controls down front so you are not reaching over or around hot pans to work the controls.

If you get a slide-in, will the stove have exposed sides so that you need finished side-panels? Some of the less expensive slide-in GE models come with side panels if your stove as do (I believe) Frigidiares. You might want to have a look at the GE JGS650 slide in and the Frigidaire FGGS3065P, both running around $1600 at the likes of AJ Madison.

Are you a Costco member? (online only) carries the NXRs and that is where I got mine. I have had no problems with mine, but for those few who have ... well, Deeageaux's comment about "not renowned for world class [warranty] service" may be a bit too polite. (BTW this can be a problem with any small volume stove maker.) If you buy from Costco, and have a problem, you just return the stove and get a new one or a full refund.

Some considerations for for getting an NXR for a small NYC apartment kitchen:

* they are a true 30" wide (as opposed to the standard 30" which is actually 29 7/8") so there can be problems if your stove has to go between counters and space is maybe a little narrow. If interested, measure to be sure it will fit.

* they weigh 310 pounds -- about 100 pounds more the GE and Frigidaire ranges weigh --- so there can be hassles getting them upstairs in NYC buildings. That really becomes a pain if you need to swap it out.(Usually, no problems pulling it out for cleaning, though, as they slide pretty easily.) Bear in mind that most vendors (Costco in particular) only give you curbside delivery. If you need to pay to install it, that will be an extra cost.

* A center stovetop grate is an extra $50 to $100. (AJ Madison may carry them.) Note that the GE and Frigidaire slide-ins have full coverage grates.

* Do you have a vent hood or kitchen venting or good air-conditioning? The NXR has largish burners which can add heat to a degree that can might make a small kitchen uncomfortably hot in the summertime if you are cooking with several burners..

* Do you mostly cook with larger pans? The NXR burners are sized to work best with pans rated at 10" and 12" diameters. The burners are okay with 6" or 8" pans (which I use often enough to know), but, like many pro-style ranges, it's big burners do not work so well with 4" saucepans and those tiny Bialetti Moka pots if those are your style.

* You don't bake much, but how about roasting? No self-cleaning oven if that matters to you. But maybe, with the small kitchen, the heat would be too much to warrant your using self-cleaning, anyway?

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