pros and cons - one piece toilet?

burntfingersApril 24, 2012

Hello all,

We've pretty much decided to put a Toto Aquia toilet in our new guest bath. There appear to be three versions of the Aquia - as best I can determine, the only differences between them are that one is standard height, one is "comfort" height, and one is a one-piece unit. (The "comfort" height unit also has a slightly different shape.)

Deciding on the height shouldn't be a problem, but... is there any reason to prefer or avoid a one-piece over a two-piece toilet? I've checked the forum and all I've found are notes that the one-piece is heavier and harder to install because it needs two people to maneuver it. Anything else?



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There is no leaking between the two pieces. My current toilet leaks at the joint and drives me crazy. We are installing a 1 piece.

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One-piece toilets are easier to clean. Fewer crevices, seams.

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I hate hate hate my Toto Drake. Do you research. I do like that it's one piece, otherwise hate.

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I really like the one-piece Toto I have - easier to clean, sleeker lines. I will never ever have to battle a leak between toilet and tank the way I have my other two toilets - both taken apart and put back together with new washers and gaskets two or three times before they stopped leaking.

It really isn't that heavy or hard to install. You don't need two to lift it. My big strong son carried it upstairs for me; he held it up while I guided it onto the bolts. And when I wasn't satisfied with the placement I picked it up myself to re-seat it - I'm a small, middle-aged, not in shape woman - I wouldn't have carried it upstairs by myself but I can certainly pick it up. Use your legs, not your back!

Unless I'm going for an old-fashioned look, any future toilets I deal with will be one-piece.

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One piece lacks the seam between the tank and seat. It's easier to clean, and personally I think it looks better... I mean, as much as one toilet can look better than another.

We are renovating our bath, and are replacing the current one-piece with something I'm pleased about: one-piece, concealed trap, skirted style. It hasn't been installed, so I can't recommend it yet, but I will post once I have feedback.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bath Renovation Photos

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Hello birdgardner and burntginers

Did you buy the Aquia one piece toilet? I am considering these but wondering about performance. The alternate is the Carlyle II. (I prefer the look of the original Carlyle but it is no longer available).

Anyone else have any comments about the Aquia one piece.

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