Shed with fertilizer smell

connelly3505June 9, 2013

We have a nice stone hed with dirt floor. Years of fertilizer storage makes it smell. What can i do?

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It sounds like the stone walls have absorbed the odor of the fertilizer. You could try ventilating it for several days, leave the door open, put a fan in the shed and let it run. Maybe you could scrape off the top layer of the soil on the ground. Is it possible to hose down the walls?

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chemical type fertilizer smell?
or manure/organic fertilizer type smell?

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It's the nitrogen/ammonia that smells. First I would power wash the stone and scrape a layer of the dirt off and dispose of it outside somewhere where the smell won't be a problem, replace with some crushed gravel or suitable floor material.

After it dries, sprinkle the floor with a powder you can get at the farm supply store for horse stalls to neutralize urine odor - one brand is "Sweet PDZ". It absorbs and locks up ammonia odors from horse urine, and will work for your fertilizer smell too.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sweet PDZ

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