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xamxamApril 18, 2013

Just remodeled bathroom and trying to accessorize with a piece of artwork above the toilet. Bathroom walls are light gray and tile is tan with glass tile accents in dark brown, grey and white. Granite countertop is brown, grey, tan and white. All fixtures are polished nickel. Looking for inspiration....thanks

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I've been on my own quest for artwork for my masterbath and haven't found the right pieces just yet. At first, I wanted to find something so that I could finish the room but now I'm ok with waiting until I come across the right thing... whatever that is!

You have a very pretty room and could go in a number of different directions with your art. So, I'd start with a few questions...

What type of art do you typically like? Abstract, botanical, photographic, etc.

Are you looking to bring in some accent color(s) or stay with your neutral palette?

Your room looks like it leans traditional/transitional... is that consistent with the rest of your house? What type of art do you have elsewhere?

What type of subjects to you like? Scenic, animals, still life, etc.

I think the fun thing about art is that if you like it, it doesn't matter if someone else would choose the same thing.

I think that and Etsy are great sources of inspiration so I'd spend some time browsing there to see if something speaks to you.

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I found our artwork on Etsy. Love birds. Love them.

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Holly- Kay

The art work on the walls in my guest bathroom is antique china. I have different patterns on each side wall that encloses my vanity area and three matching petite point plates above the faucet. It really gives the bathroom a cozy, charming look. Your bathroom is more sophisticated so china may not work for you but maybe some lovely antique painted trays.

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Treasure is right that chosing artwork is very personal and hard to do for someone else unless you know them well. Personally I love holly-kay's idea of using something other than a framed piece of traditional art like china or a pretty tray. Maybe a shelf with some silver candlesicks or cut glass jars filled with pretty soaps? Maybe you even have some lovely or meaningful items you could use already.

For framed artwork The New York Public Library Digital Library has a huge collection of artwork you can browse through to use as inspiration or even download and print low resolution images (see link below for tips from the Creativity Exchange on using the images)

And just because you pick something now, doesn't mean you can't change it out later if you tire of your first choice or find something you love more. You could even purposely chose two options and display one with brighter colors for spring and summer and the another for fall and winter. I know the thought of choosing two when you can't chose one seems daunting, but I have found the freedom from having to find "the one" lets me focus on what makes me happy.

Happy hunting!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Creativity Exchange: NYPL Digital Library

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I found stuff at the local thrift/antique store. I didn't even have to reframe any of it. I also had a tiny frame and cut one of my dad's old silk ties and framed it. It looks fabulous! The whole wall of pictures cost me all of $10.

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