American Range Performer finally on the American Range website!

CWirickApril 9, 2012
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Some caveats I found:

Top burner BTU is incorrectly listed as 17k BTU. Actual is 25k BTU for the Performer. I confirmed this by calling American.

Also, typos abound, including in the name of the product itself on some pages ("Preformer???"). Hey, at least there's some progress there. But American needs to understand this lack of attention to detail doesn't inspire consumer confidence.

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Preformer vs Performer: Kinda funny! The words appear in text, in menus, and in the actual URL. It seems like the spelling is running right about 50-50 on the right and wrong spelling!

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Open burners or sealed? Conflicting info on their site (in addition to typo/spelling error on the name!).

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For a company that supposedly has a solid reputation for building a quality product, this sort of thing doesn't inspire confidence. I'd expect this more from a China built company.

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Geez, even the model numbers have typos. And the specs page and the owners manual page give 404 errors. Yikes.

I'm seriously considering a Performer due to the cost advantage over the BlueStar, but what kind of company am I dealing with?

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I bought their range and wall oven. The range is great, but the wall oven has broken for the 4th time in 3 1/2 years and they don't understand why I am upset, nor do they know why it is breaking. They feel they have been very generous to offer me the part free of charge with no assurance of not having continual problems. You out there in consumer world can decide if that is generous. I am already out quite a bit of money for the 2 repairs I completed after the initial warranty repair.

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