Expensive Toto Pedestal Sink--Worth it?

TileApril 11, 2014

I'm thinking of spending $380 on a 30" Toto Soiree pedestal sink. I like the way it looks, but it's $100 more expensive than my second choice, Kohler Archer.

I rarely buy brand name products, but I like the look of the Toto. Am I making a mistake?

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If you are going to use it every day and love it, splurge. I don't like pedestals (no storage) but it would be fabulous in a powder room. I like the look of the Soiree line.

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We have used the Archer pedestals in our builds, we like them a lot. It's all a matter of taste and whether or not you feel the Toto is worth the extra expense.

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To me, those two are totally different styles, so I'd just pick the one I like more. We had Toto Lloyd drop-in sinks (not pedestal) in our previous MBR and always loved the look. Now we have Kohler Archer undermounts and like them too, but the pedestal is much less contemporary looking than the Toto Soiree.

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Here is the Kohler Archer for comparison.

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The Toto looks much more stylish to me, and their quality is great. Think about it this way: If you stay in the house for five more years, the cost is about 5 cents more per day for something you will look at and use daily. I've made budget choices in the past, and sometimes regretted not going with something I liked better that cost a little more...especially when it was something I saw on a daily basis.

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Pedestal sinks stand out. Get the one you want. I like Toto fixtures.

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I like the Toto, very clean lines, not busy looking like the Kohler

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Like kudzu9 said; at the end of the day, will the $100 make or break you? If not, and you like the Toto sink appreciably better, than go for it.

We always try to save where/when we can to allow for the splurges and we're usually glad we did splurge on those items. :)

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The Toto looks beautiful! :)

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I cannot speak to the modern look -- have no eye for it -- but I recently had a Toto Promenade installed in a refurb for my mother, and was very impressed by the sink's quality. More and more, I am leaning toward Toto products. Have yet to disappoint.

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I have searched in vain for Toto pedestal sink "deck" dimensions (sink edge "counter" space). @ TILE, if you chose the Soiree, would you kindly fill me in? Want to make sure there's plenty of space to put soap, a cup and lay a hair dryer (when in use) for instance. Thanks!!

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From the Toto site linked below, here are the dimensions for the
LPT960 Model -
29-1/2" x 19-5/8"

For the LPT962 -
25-1/8" x 18-7/8

Here is a link that might be useful: Toto Pedestal Soiree sinks

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