Need a miracle or magic product for carpet stain

DLM2000June 4, 2008

I have an ugly, oil stain on a mossy green carpet that won't budge. At this point I have nothing to lose because it will have to be replaced if I can't get the stain out, so I'll try anything.

A while back I read in a post about some miracle cleaner but of course didn't save it and haven't a clue what the post subject was anymore.

Anyone have any product suggestions or prayers to the carpet stain gods that I can try?



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I've cut and pasted what the Wear Dated Carpet Fiber website says about oil, grease and other stains listed. The part about the paper towels and bricks is important. I followed directions here to get duct tape residue out of my carpet, and it worked. Good luck.

Asphalt, butter, calamine lotion, Crayon, furniture polish, gravy, grease, hand lotion, ice cream, ink (ballpoint), ink (Fountain Pen), lacquer, make-up, mayonnaise, milk, oil, paint (latex), paint (oil), Play Dough, rubber cement, salad oil, sauces, shoe polish, shortening, tar, Vaseline, unknown spots
Remove as much foreign material as possible by blotting with a white paper towel or scraping with a dull knife. Apply isopropyl rubbing alcohol to a clean white cloth, white paper towel or cotton ball. If the spot extends deep into the pile, blot until it is removed or no color transfers to the cloth. Do not allow the alcohol to penetrate the backing, as it will destroy the latex bond. If the spot is on the surface only, rub in one direction at a time.

If rubbing removes the spot, blot dry and stack several white paper towels over the damp area. Place a brick or similarly weighted object on the towels to keep them in contact with the carpet. The towels will absorb any stain wicking up from the backing to the carpet surface. Allow carpet to dry, remove the brick and towels, and brush up the pile.

NOTE: Never use a circular motion to remove a spot as this may destroy the texture.

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Have you tried Spot Shot? Blue aerosol can, orange top. It has never failed me.

Here is a link that might be useful: Spot Shot

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I used Oxyclean to get a grease stain out of a carpet in my apartment. Nothing else would get it out, but six months later, I tried Oxyclean, and it was gone that day.

Caution: don't use more than the prescribed amount. I did (thinking that if I used three times as much the carpet would get cleaner that much faster), and it left soap residue that took me a few days to rinse out. However, after that was gone, the carpet looked as though the stain had never been there.

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socks thank you for that information - would never have thought of isopropyl alcohol and will try that tomorrow.

Thank you gw and liz - I have tried the Hotshot and Oxy already - neither could budge this stain

At this point the stain is pretty old and set but it bothers me every time I see it - it's in our workout room so I don't see it all the time ;-) but I still want it gone if possible!

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You might give GOOF OFF a try. We got a 1 pint can at WalMart. Included among the many things listed that it will remove are asphalt, tar, oil, and grease. Also says "For use on: nylon, polypropylene, and wool carpets", among a long list of other surfaces and fabrics. Good luck!

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Try shaving cream.

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How about a professional carpet cleaner?

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Well, the Goof Off didn't work either. We have tried cleaning it already with standard cleaning solution and extraction method. Maybe the Goof Off has 'loosened' enough of the stain that it's worth trying that again. Thanks for all your suggestions.

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there's a new Spot Shot product available that I tried AND LIKED A LOT. It's called Spot Shot Carpet Stain remover, comes in a blue plastic spray bottle with plastic trigger top. It claims to remover odors as well as stains. I bought it and it works great! I used it on some left-over urine stains left by my puppy. I can swear it really works on pet stains, takes out even old set-in stains and removes the odor, without leaving a ring. Try it!

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Somebody shoot me now! I just looked at the bottle again - I BOUGHT GOO GONE not Goof Off!!!! No idea what the difference is but obviously it's not what was suggested - cr*p.

I did try that Spot Shot - that one I know for sure. This is an oil stain - massage oil to be exact - and it's big and ugly. I really think this carpet is a goner.

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Try De-Solv- It

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