Removing latex odor from mattress topper

gardenspudsJune 22, 2010

I could have sworn I submitted this message earlier today, it must not have gone through. Please excuse me if it is double posted. I didn't know where to post this, but you all on this cleaning forum has so many useful suggestions for just about everything!

About 6 weeks ago I bought a 1.5 inch latex mattress topper. As the summer has been heating up, the latex odor is getting stronger and stronger. It had only a slight odor when I purchased it.

I've been stripping off the sheets, opening the window and blowing a fan over it, hoping to dissapate some of the smell. Doesn't seem to help.

We don't have air conditioning, so keeping cooler temps not possible.

Anyone have any ideas to help with the odor? It's getting so bad that my pajamas smell of latex for hours after getting out of bed! I'm trying to go "green", but the smell bothers me so much I am considering going back to a polyurathane eggcrate foam topper!



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At this point I would call the company and ask for a refund. The odor should have been gone by now, and there is really nothing more you can do that I know of.

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