Uneven grout lines

Jeremy DuboysApril 9, 2014


I just had some tile installed on my bathroom floor and the grout lines have me concerned. The tile came on mesh backing so I thought everything would automatically be evenly spaced, but I noticed that the grout lines are very uneven in some places. Can anyone with experience let me know if this is normal, or if it is just a bad grouting job? See pictures below

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Or maybe the tile wasn't put on the mesh evenly by the tile company.

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I'm having a real hard time seeing anything out of whack. Nice tile, BTW.

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Uneven grout lines.

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To my eye it doesn't jump out as a hack job. And we've all seen many a hack job on this site. I do see the unevenness if I look really closely.

The unevenness isn't uniformly along a line, which would indicate the tiles weren't set well (too much space between meshed sets). So either the tiles weren't set perfectly on the mesh, or the grout isn't cleaned out evenly. When you look closely at the grout, on the thicker ones, does the grout come up further on the adjoining tile? Or is it all cleaned out pretty evenly? If the latter, then the tiles weren't set perfectly in teh factory.

IMO, it's within a reasonable tolerance given the small size of the tiles. I doubt it's noticeable from normal standing height.

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Jeremy Duboys

DreamingoftheUP thank you for updating the image. The unevenness is definitely very apparant around the gray dot even when standing. It was the first thing I noticed. In any event all is well. I showed this to my GC who takes great pride in his work and he agreed this was unacceptable and will be fixing it.

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