Two quick Blue Star questions - sort of urgent

eleenaApril 6, 2012

What is a "good price" for a 24" and a 30" range?

Some places seem to be having a promotion (that ends today) but one has to call for pricing (which is a big headache), so I don't know if I should "grab" one or wait.

Also, do you find it NOT having a self-clean option to be a problem?


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I bought my range a while ago so I don't have any pricing info, although the latest seems to be that Bluestar pricing kind of "is what it is" aside from temporary promotions.

I do not find it a problem at all not having self-clean. I would not use it if I had it. It's a personal preference. Some people like the convenience, others feel it reduces the life of the appliance.


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Don't know if AJ Madison's online prices are "good" or not but perhaps they're a point of reference: 3814 and 4286

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Thank you!

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In Oct., I paid a bit less than $4200 (as part of a multi-appliance purchase, which helped). I also got the free color upgrade promotion.

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