driveway oil cleaner ... does it work?

vieja_gwJune 30, 2008

saw an ad for a driveway cleaner: Rejuvenate Stain Sealer.

Supposedly it contains 'microbes that eat away the oil,tar, etc. ...' $19.99 ordered from or from Home Depot. Has anyone tried this product &, if so, did it do the job as advertized? Have a tenant that moved in with a vehicle oil leak that dripped all over a newly poured $$ concrete drive!!

Would appreciate any thoughts on this product!


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I haven't used that, but it's cheap enough to give it a shot. I would make the tenant pay for the cleanup; maybe wait until they move out or fix the vehicle to do the cleaning so you don't have to worry about redoing it again and again.

We have always used cat litter to soak up the oil and then dishwashing detergent soaking into the concrete for several hours then rinse with a hose. There are some dark spots left, but not as noticeable as the oil spill itself.

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I use oven cleaner.

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The idiots at the oil change place didn't fasten something, and we ended up with lots of oil stains on our carport cement floor. I got Pour-n-Restore at our local Ace Hardware, which removed the stains easily. It is a liquid that is poured on the stain, spread with a small brush or broom, and when it dries to a powder you sweep it away with the stain. Worked for us! Anyone know of a competent oil change place?

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Thanks, I will try both products to see which-if either- will help. When someone knows they have a leaky oil problem with their car I'd hope they would either fix it (dream on!) or at least lay down a piece of carpet or pan to catch the oil! Hubby said pouring gasoline on the spot, scrubbing with a broom & then hosing it down might work (he was a mechanic) but not great for the environment I'd guess!

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For a rental, I'd get a sheet of fiber cement board and place it in the drive where drips occur.

To clean a spill, I used the cheapest powdered laundry detergent I could find. Water, scrub brush on a handle and a bit of time did the trick.

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Awesome cleaner from Dollar Tree. Spray on undiluted, leave for 15-20 minutes and give it a light scrub. Rinse. Cheap, easy, effective, non-toxic

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