Micro Drawer? which one to order?

SDcooksApril 2, 2013

Buying a microwave drawer soon. Looks like there are several to choose from. Any particular one you would recommend?

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As has been said numerous times on this forum, Sharp makes all the microdrawers so the guts inside of them are all the same. The Sharp model will be the least expensive so if you want to save money thats the way to go. If you are more concerned about looks choose the one that matches your kitchen.

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I've mentioned this on some other threads but something to consider is how far they stick out. While Sharp makes them all, the Sharp branded ones seem to stick out the furthest from the cabinets then the others since it has a more traditional handle. Others like the Jenn Air are a lot more flush fitting. If the microwave will be in an area that you do a lot of prep etc you might want to figure out if you will be bumping into the handle on the sharp model more or having items catch on it.

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@realism, sorry to be repetitive. Thanks for the info!

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Just try running a google search before hand. Just put the word gardenweb in front of whatever you are searching for and if there are any gardenweb posts on point they will show up. Then you can get an answer right away and don't have to wait for others to reply!

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