Wanted: recommendations on indoor and outdoor floor mats

macvirtualasstJune 24, 2012


I know it is a funny thing to ask, or I am incredibly picky, but I cannot find a decent outdoor mud mat or one for inside that I like. I have looked at Lowes and Home Depot and am wondering if anyone knows a great place online to get one. Requirements:

Outdoor mat: must have great "de mudding" ability and be very rugged and mold resistant.

Indoor mat, must not leave any marks on my gloss finished wood floors and must not slide around.

If anyone has any suggestions, that would be great.


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Why not just use throw rugs and launder them, much easier. I have shoes by my patio door that I slip on when I go outside. Our yard is over watered by our HOA and it would ruin a good pair of shoes to walk around the yard. If they are wet when I come in, I leave them on the deck, if muddy I hose them down and leave them on the deck. If I lived in the country where mud is really a problem I would add on a mud room if possible with sinks.

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I've had both indoor and outdoor matts-various kinds, rubber, brush, cloth, wooden. I can't honestly recommend outdoor matts, the weather outdoors inevitably destroys them. But indoors can work well-any kind that you can shake or hose down or launder. The trick is to catch dirt from yor shoes immediately as you enter.
My MIL made everyone take off their shoes at her door, annoying but it kept her house clean. I can't recommend any specific type of material or brand. Just make it handy and cleanable. Good luck!

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I've had the same "outdoor" Waterhog door mat from LLBean on my front porch for 15 years. It is now time to replace it but I have been very pleased with how long it has lasted, especially as it has survived a variety of climates. LLBean also sells indoor Mughog mats. No personal experience with those.

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Thank you everyone. Not a bad idea to make folks take off their shoes, unless they have smelly feet ;-)

I had a look at the LLBean waterhog mats and really like the mudhogs. I might try one, cheers!

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We've some floor mats from Stanly Steamer, acquired in a moment of silly weakness at considerable cost- we thought at the time. One at the most used outside door and one in the garage have survived in good condition for so long we've forgotten when we got them, 2006 perhaps.

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Taking off your shoes in the house will help keep the floors clean, however this rule can be a problem for visitors if they have health problems with their feet and must wear shoes in order to walk. Some may have difficulty reaching their feet for various reasons.

You never know who may have athelets feet, a condition that is contagious and would contaminate your floors. This is a condition easily picked up at swimming pools, etc.

There are pros and cons regarding no-shoes in the home. The oil from the skin on feet will rub off on the floor and attract dust/dirt whether it is carpet or hardwood.

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If you happen to be a warehouse club member, they typically carry commercial grade indoor and outdoor mats. I'm sure selection will vary but you might get lucky. I've used commercial type rubber backed, ribbed fiber mats (about 3x5) from COSTCO in my garage and mud room. Easy care too. Just vacuum regularly and hose them down outside when needed.

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Thank you everyone for your recommendations. @krissie What you say is so true, I don't think most folks consider that...

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I purchased one of these this spring and it is wonderful. The I_O carpet is like plastic anyway so never mildews or rots. My rug is round. Blue and greens.
I have a huge porch and keep furniture out there and the little rug just sets the area off!
I just wanted to share.

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Just a warning about the backing on some floor mats or throw rugs: We had a very attractive one inside our front door on top of a vinyl floor. It totally ruined the vinyl, turned it purple. I don't know what the backing was made of, but I don't think it was rubber.It was kind of a rough, woven backing. We have new floors now and purchased a sort of waffled padding to put under all the area rugs. We bought it by the yard at the flooring store that sold us the floor. I'm still a little paranoid so I check carefully every week when I'm cleaning the floors to make sure there is no discoloration.

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