Bathroom vanities?

mixie52April 18, 2012

Hi all,

I am new to this site but had some questions on vanities. We have completely demoed our new house and now need new vanities in every bathroom. For example, our powder room has a 32 inch opening from wall to wall for a vanity. We realized that if we bought a 32 inch vanity that the granite top has overhang on each side so it will not fit. We would rather not have to do custom vanities but we are unsure how else to make it work. Any advice is gristly appreciated. Thanks!

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are you saying you already have the counter top? and it has sides on it?

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Are you looking for a stand alone vanity that already has the counter installed or a built-in? You can buy ready to install cabinets to fit your wall space and just have the counter of your choice installed wall to wall.

I'm getting two 27" 2-door cabinets and one 15" cabinet with drawers to use in my 69.5" space. The manufacturer offers matching wood trim pieces to cover the gaps on the sides. The granite fabricator will install the counter to fit the cabinets and walls.

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I have a 36 inch space for a vanity in my powder room. Found a beautiful vanity that came with a stone top. Problem was the top was 36 1/2 inches. Thought I was going to have to take top off and get a custom granite top. My contractor suggested he could cut a notch in the drywall to fit the top in. We went with that idea and it looks great. Painted, caulked and put up backsplash tile to complete.

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I have seen some nice ones installed, and they are an economical route, but be a little careful.

My friend got a ready made vanity complete at a big box store and she has not liked the granite on it nearly so well as her custom granite counters in the kitchen. The bathroom vanity granite has a lot of black; her kitchen is a typhoon bordeaux with a lot of deep burgundy in it. She says the bathroom shows water spots no matter what she does, and she thinks it's the finish that was used. See if you can do a water test on them and ask some questions.

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You can usually only find 24, 30, or 36 inch and so on in bath vanities. I don't know if I have ever come across a 32 inch bath vanity. There are a lot of great 30 inch size vanities out there and you would have room then for the counter overhang.

Another thing is you can purchase many vanities without countertops, so if you could maybe find a 32 inch without a countertop then you can just find a rement piece of a granite you like and have to made to fit your vanity.

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Silkroad Exclusive sells 32" (or less) single vanities. I just put one in my bathroom remodel (although it was a 60" double vanity).

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