wood panel dishwashers

stevieleeApril 13, 2010

Our 14 year old Bosch dishwasher finally died. We are not going to remodel the kitchen, just replace the dishwasher. It was a standard 34 inch tall model with a 23-and-a half inch tall custom panel on the front. The dealer tells me there are no brands that now come with a partial wood panel -- all have full door custom panels only. Is that really true? We would love to be able to re-use the custom panel and attach it to the front of a new dishwasher, as it matches the rest of the cabinets.

If that is not possible, the next option would be to buy a new dishwasher with a wood front that we could stain the same color as the cabinets. Again, the dealer tells me that is only possible by ordering a new custom front panel from a carpenter. That would be fine if we were re-doing the cabinets and made this part of a bigger project. But we don't want to add hundreds of dollars to the cost of the dishwasher, since we already have a panel we would like to use. Do any manufacturers make dishwashers with wood front panels that the customer can stain? I have not found any in my searching.

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Fori is not pleased

I don't know if you can find a partial panel dishwasher anymore, and even if you could, it probably wouldn't fit the old panel well.

They don't come with wood fronts. Just black, white, stainless, (maybe bisque or bronze), and the add-a-custom-panel ones. They expect you to provide your own cabinet fronts because people usually want a match of style as well as wood species and color. If you think you could match your cabinets you might want to check out a company like Scherrs which does custom doors.

How about a nice black one? :)

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The dealer and Fori are correct. There are no partial door dishwashers that you can put a panel on anymore.
You may want to inquire with the company that did your cabinets to see what options you have to best match your existing cabinets.

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Thanks for your replies. After calling several companies (Bosche, KA, and Miele) directly today, I discovered that Bosche and KA indeed do not make DWers with partial custom door panels anymore. However, Miele does have a few models that accommodate partial panels. But... it turns out my old panel is a smidgeon too narrow for the Miele dishwashers. The kit to attach the panel requires a panel at least half an inch to an inch wider. Bummer.

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There are other posts on this forum adressing the depth issue on the KA dishwashers when installing a panel. They are too deep to install flush.

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Your dealer is fairly ignorant. Miele has had partial panel models for years and continues to do so. 6 models at last count.

SMEG has at least 1 model in the U.S.

Sounds like you have a 1/4" panel that went in a frame on the DW itself???

Might want to check the secondary market if that's the case.

Here is a link that might be useful: partial panel DW

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I talked to the Miele folks earlier today and they directed me to their partial custom panel DWers online. But the Miele rep told me (and their website specs confirmed) our old panel is too narrow ( 22-and-7/8 inches wide) for the Miele models, which require a panel at least 23 and 3/8 inches wide.

Yes, our panel fit into a frame on the old DW - with a raised wood trim.

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We have the Miele Optima with the partial panel, bought it new in 2006. Wife did not want the cotrols completely hidden, We just wanted something easy to clean, as we had a KA with stainless steel before----what a pain to keep clean. We like the look, our Jenn-air Fridge is a 48 inch "built in" (we know by hanging around GW not to call it "Fully Integrated", but we like the looks of it as well as the DW, and at our age, we just don't get a kick out of playing "Where's The Fridge, Where's the DW".
Is there some way you could add some kind of shim to your old panel so it would fit the Miele--As I recall you could adjust the height of the Miele to prefectly match the panel(within reason) but I dont recall any width adjustments.
Good luck with your decision, We have been very happy with the dishwasher.


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To the OP: we had the partial wood panel problem in our previous kitchen, so we repaired the DW many more times than we should have. (It was a JennAir branded Maytag that kept shorting out its electronic control board--bad design.) We finally replaced it and its twin with 2 KA stainless DWs.

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Stevie - I think it's time you bite the bullet and get a stainless / black / white metal front dishwasher.

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Not sure what everyone's talking about - there are *lots* of dishwashers still available that accept wood panels, often after removing the factory-supplied door panel below the controls. The main variation is the control panel being either about 6" tall or about 4" tall (the latter like recent LG dishwashers). Miele has an optional insert to help fit different sizes.

What isn't widely available (or not available at all?) are framed door panels that take thin inserts, usually with a second panel below the door covering the old-style access panel that new dishwashers (except very low-end models) don't have. But I don't think Bosch ever used such a design, per the original post.

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My cabinets did not have a dishwasher panel option, so my cabinet guy built a custom panel for my Miele. I think you should be able to put a thin sheet of wood onto the diswasher, then mount your panel onto it. Just pick a wood or laminate that coordinates well with your existing panel.

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I had Stevielee's same problem years ago

Those dishwashers with *framed doors* to insert a **custom panel** don' exist anymore since a long time. I had this stoneage Miele

This one in the pic hasn't frames. Mine - G507U -
had a framed door panel and a further panel between door and toekick. When I replaced it years ago, I was not able to reuse the two custom panels that matched kitchen cabinets because newer undercounter DWs came with a longer door without a separated panel under it and also came without frames, as since then were used custom doors and integrated machines. That's why I bought a stainless door DW

The Miele Antss linked (and that Dodge owns) is a **partially integrated** model with visible controls that needs a true custom door (usually is a door that matches a cabinet with a drawer ) and **does not fit a simple, thin custom panels. Not only Smeg and Miele, also Bosch/Siemens AEG/Zanussi/Electrolux EU, Whirlpool EU make these integrated models with visible controls

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If you can get the width to work for you, would it be possible to get just a drawer head panel and attach it to the door panel so that it looks like a drawer and cabinet (pull attaches to the drawer panel)? That's what I have on my DWs -- I think they were connected by a flat bracket so they have that small gap just like the drawers next to them.

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nice idea, that would be an option :
take a 23 and 3/8 inches wide frame glue/nail the panel on it along with a drawer head, then use this assembly as a custom door

My only concern : will have the head drawer timber the very same colour of the old panel ?

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Ikea sell one. about 600.00

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