I don't nag my husband anymore!

luvstocraftApril 5, 2010

I just make little reminder signs! LOL

This one I placed on top of the television so he would see it everytime he wakes up from a nap!

and this one goes in the messy computer room that I've been nagging him to clean up for over a year!

Doubt that they will actually work--but sure was fun seeing his face when he saw them! LOL (Yes, he is threatening to take my new toy away!)


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Ahhhhahahahahahaha! Now that is hilarious!! LMBO! You go girl!

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LOL.....I LUV it. He sure can't miss those 'subtle' reminders. Hope it spurs him to action. Gosh I'd love to have seen his face too.

hugs, Karen

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Too funny! Great new toy! Jeanne S.

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Clever little reminders...like a 'Jimminy Cricket' in a sign...lol
I think you could sell those to other 'non nagging' women...
Me included...


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Please explain more about this new toy. Those look great.

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I was hoping they would give you gals a good chuckle--I was giggling the whole time I was making them! ;o)

Frou, the "toy" is one of the Cricut cutting machines. Originally designed for Scrapbookers/card makers I think. You can buy different cartridges with different fonts/designs that you can cut. Sure made doing these letters lots faster than I could have painted them. I've mostly been using mine to make the decorated wood blocks so far--and these little signs. If you just do a search for Cricut, you can see them. I will say the prices sure vary so it's good to shop around before buying one!


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Oh, the signs are really cute! I am sure they will get the job done. :)


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You are way too cute!!!! I need a whole set of those signs to put around the homestead!!! I put a watering can (that needs the handle repaired)in the middle of the path....DH has walked around it at least 10 times. I stuck a limb in it this morning with a cardboard sign that said..."Help, I leak". We'll see if he notices!!
Thanks for posting, I'm glad to know I'm not the lone ranger here....

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Luvs....no matter where you were going to post this.....this is so funny! LOL! Wish you had taken pictures. My DH would read them and then ask who I was giving them to!

Jaybird.....reminds me of someone I know! Your watering can also reminds we of a very old song...something about Henry, fetch me a pail of water.


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Luvs, your signs are hilarious, and very nicely done. I'd love one of those 'toys' altho not sure I'd use it much after the initial novelty wore off. Or it would become another business and then I'd be in trouble! Trying to stay retired.

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Are you ok??? Just kidding, I'm sure your DH thought your signs were great! I do and just love them. You definetly knew what you wanted when you picked out your BDay gift. Wonderful that your putting it to good use.


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LOL Punk, yeah, I'm okay, he's a good sport--but guess what? I was playing on this computer last night and guess what "appeared" on the shelf above my computer???? You guessed it--that "Hey You! Get Busy" sign! ;o) Somehow I think these will be "traveling" signs. LOL


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Traveling signs are even better!!! too cute!!
I did get my watering can fixed, so my humble hand lettered (crooked) cardboard (torn off a box) sign worked too!
Pezabelle, I love those crazy old songs...I'll have to look this one up!

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OMG, those signs are too cute!!! Hope they work. I need a few for my own DH!

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Those are great, Luvs! Do you coat the letters with polyu?

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Hi Kathleen, I've just been putting the scrapbooking paper letters on with Mod Podge and then another couple coats over the top. It goes on "milky" and dries clear. Dries pretty quickly too. I will probably buy some vinyl soon and I've heard that it already has the adhesive and doesn't even need a sealer on top. Some is even good for outside. I'm getting ideas for all kinds of signs, sayings and blocks for various seasons, holidays, and occassions. ;o)

Lynn and Jaybird, glad you got a laugh out of them too. Jaybird, so glad your little sign worked--mine haven't yet! LOL


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Luvs, so glad you are having fun with your Cricit. I have had mine for about 1 1/2 years and haven't had anywhere near the fun you are. Guess I better git more creative.

Belle & Jaybird, I am pretty sure the name of the song is "My Buckets Got a Hole In It" Oh Darn! Now the song is in my head. Funny how that works huh?

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Luvs, that's what I was wondering if they could go outside..I have a sign on the deck that needs redoing..

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